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Yes , it is possible to have period like crams in the beginning of a pregancy...with all the hormonal and body changes it is likely that you will adjust slowly. I had light period cramps and a back ache for the first two months of my pregnancy...right around the time I would typically have my period.

yes, from what I've read in many different areas. I took a pregnancy test about a week and a half after possible conception and it came out negative, dispite the fact that I had severe bloating, booby pains, queezyness and odd cramps that I've never had w/ my period. well, I'm still having some of those signs (though the severe bloating's gone down, thank you God), it's been over a week since the test and still no period. I'm thinking that if I am pregnant, that it was probably too early for testing, who knows. I'll try and test in another couple days if there's still no period. wish me luck.

I have heard that you can. I had period pains last week but didn't come on it's so hard because I have irregular periods so I wouldn't know if I'm late or not but they only go up to 35 days that's all so it isn't that bad. I'm waiting 4 more days then I find out and it all make sense. This hasn't ever happened to me before.

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Q: Can you get pains or weird feelings like you would when expecting your period during the beginning of your pregnancy?
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What is the term for the beginning of pregnancy?

Conception is the beginning of pregnancy in that it is the joining of the sperm and egg. During implantation, the fertilized egg embeds in the uterine wall.

Can you feel nausea beginning of pregnancy?

Commonly called morning sickness - the nausea and or vomiting can be present at anytime during pregnancy.

What marks the birth process?

During your pregnancy, when your water breaks, that is the beginning of the birthing process.

Where can someone find information on what to expect during the first trimester of pregnancy?

A good resource for what one can expect during the first trimester of pregnancy is the book titled What to Expect When You're Expecting. It has a week by week guide as to the progress of ones baby. It answers many questions one may have during ones pregnancy.

Do you spot during the beginning of pregnancy?

Yes, you can spot during the early stages of pregnancy but it shouldn't be considered normal and assumed, it is advisable to check with your midwife to make sure it is nothing serious.

Is heavy vaginal discharge during the first trimester?

you can gets loads in pregnancy even at the beginning that is a sign.

Is it okay to have a brown discharge at the beginning of your eighth week of pregnancy?

It is common for some spotting/bleeding during pregnancy however, always be sure and have your doctor check to be safe.

Is it normal to having cramping once a day during pregnancy?

You need to be more specific. Are you pregnant or not pregnant. If you are, it is normal to have cramping at the beginning of the pregnancy due to implantation and uterine expansion.

Can teens have an epidural during pregnancy?

during pregnancy-no during labor yes

What is the website Emma's Diary about?

It is about new and expecting mommys to have a place to find information on what to expect during pregnancy and beyond. It is a place where you can connect with other mommys and discuss what is going on with your pregnancy and beyond and get tips on helping you through things you might not know about what to expect.

Can you ovulating during pregnancy?

No, there is no ovulation or menstruation during pregnancy.

Do you ovulate in the beginning of pregnancy?

Ovulation occurs about two weeks before your period. And during the time of ovulation is when you can get pregnant. So essentially ovulation causes pregnancy if the egg is properly fertilized.

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