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Q: Can you get poision ivy in lungs by cutting it with a weedeater while it is wet?
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Can you get poison ivy in my lungs by cutting it with a weedeater while the ground is wet?

It is possible that the oils would become airborne when shredded with a weed eater.

Did the crew consider taking the poision pills while on the Apollo 13 mission?


How does a person get to much carbon monoxide while in the hospital?

Carbon monoxide is a poision, it should not be present in any hospital.

What are the advantages of selective cutting and clear cutting?

Selective cutting you can get the exact trees you need while still keeping the wildlife Alice, while clear cutting you get the wood faster but some wildlife will die

How can you prevent from crying while cutting an onion?

I've heard that Chewing gum while cutting onions helps.

Will you not cry if you chew gum while cutting onions?

it is true that if you chew gum while cutting onions you will not cry

Does cutting hurt?

Cutting someone else or yourself does hurt, while cutting a piece of paper or your shirt does not.

What do you use to pin a fabric down while cutting around it?

To pin a fabric down while cutting around it you would use a straight pin.

Cutting speed of carbide tools while cutting low carbon steel?


What is some good cutting songs?

It depends upon what you're cutting. If you're cutting wood or sod, you might want different music from what you would listen to while cutting yourself.

Why is strip cutting better than clear cutting?

.Clear cutting takes all of the trees in an area while strip cutting takes a narrow strip of trees and allows it to regenerate.

Can you get frostbite in your lungs?

You cannot get frostbite on your lungs -- your nose and throat warms inhaled air, while circulating blood warms the lungs.

How does blood leaving the lungs differ from the blood entering the lungs?

The blood leaving the lungs is loaded with oxygen, while blood entering the lungs is about to get oxygen from the respiratory system.

The blood receives this in lungs?

In the lungs, the blood receives O2 while getting rid of CO2

What causes air to move in or out of the lungs while keeping the lungs in an inflated state?

Air doesn't really move in and out at all while the lungs stay full. As the diaphragm pushes upwards, the lungs are mostly emptied and air is expelled; the diaphragm then moves down and fills them again. If the lungs remain inflated, then the diaphragm isn't moving and air exchange doesn't happen.

While whisiling which muscles do you use?


What says good form cutting wood?

If somebody has good form while cutting wood I would call them a lumberjack.

Can you catch pneumonia from going outside while sweaty?

No. Pneumonia is a dysfunction of the lungs and is most commonly caused by infection, going outside while sweaty will not damage your lungs in this way.

What is the differences of cutting speed and cutting feed for lathe machine?

Cutting speed is the peripheral speed of a rotating job at the point where tool is passing while machining. The unit of cutting speed is Meters/minute. For a particular dia the cutting speed is calculated as πDN/1000, where D is in mm, N in RPM. For a constant cutting speed when diameter of cutting decreases then RPM increases. Constant surface speed or constant cutting speed is possible in CNC machine only. Where as cutting feed is the advancement of tool in a job while cutting. The unit of feed rate can be mentioned in two ways either in mm/revolution or in mm/minute.

Why is your 1997 dodge avenger cutting in and out?

if cutting in and out while still power in car may be engine computer or computer wiring. if all power cutting out then its possible car battery cables.

Are lungs of a fetal pig functioning?

Fetal lungs are not functioning; no organism can start to breathe while immersed in amniotic fluid. Lungs only begin to function at birth.

When do lungs inflate?

While im typing this answer dumbo.

Does smoking marijuana once in a while damage lungs?


What is the breathing organ of frog?

a frog can be classified having gills and lungs tadpoles have gills while frogs[or adult]have lungs

What is the pleural coverings of the lungs?

the pleural coverings surrounding lungs have pleural fluid in between them that reduces friction while breathing