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Two weeks after you have your period is typically the most likely time to become pregnant.

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Q: Can you get pregnant and have your period in less than a 2 weeks?
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Related questions

How early can you see symptoms if your pregnant?

Less than 4 weeks.

What does it mean if a sonogram can not detect a baby?

Either you are not pregnant or you are less than 5 weeks pregnant.

Is it possible to find out if your four or two weeks pregnant by blood test?

Yes, I found i was less than two weeks pregnant with my first child, they ran it twice to make sure. I wasn't even late for my period yet.

How long is the dwarf hamster pregnant?

Less than a month. About 3 weeks.

Can a woman get pregnant when on her period?

Yes but it is a less chance than usual.

Would you get pregnant two days after period?

It is less likely than later in the cycle, but you sure can get pregnant two days after your period.

If you had one normal period and than a heavy period 2 weeks later could you be pregnant?

You probably just had a miscarrage.

Has a human's gestation period lasted less than 8 months?

Everyday - a gestation of less than 37 weeks is concidered premature.

Can you be pregnant if you were 3 weeks late and then had your period but it was lighter than usual?

Yes, some people still have light periods when pregnant. Get a test.

Can you be pregnant less than 1 week?

If you are pregnant, then you are pregnant. It happens or it doesn't, but you won't know for 3 weeks until your next cycle when you can take a test.

You missed a period 6 weeks late are you pregnant?

depends on wether you have put it about more than Marco polo

Am you pregnant if you spot a week before your period?

If you have a period than you are not pregnant

You have your period but symptoms of being pregnant?

Possible to be pregnant. Some pregnant women have their periods every month throughout their pregnancy. Take a pregnancy test if you think you're farther than 2 weeks along AFTER your period ends.

You feel bloated and urinate more often than usual your husband pulled out but is there a chance you could be pregnant you went to the Dr 3 weeks ago would he be able to know if you were pregnant?

1) 'Pulling out' is NOT a method of contraception so you could get pregnant. 2) The symptoms you are having MAY be indicative of pregnancy, have you missed a period? 3) If you were less than 4 weeks pregnant then the doctor would not be able to tell.

If you are 29 weeks pregnant how many months is that?

Actually you are not less than 6 months, you are 7 months and two weeks. Month 7 consist of weeks 27-30. Because they are actually pregnant for 10 months not 9.

Can you become pregnant when on your period?

Yes, it is possible. It is less likely than at other times but it is still possible.

What if you hadn't had any bleeding but the fetus is not seen on the ultrasound at 8 weeks pregnant?

You could be less than 8 weeks pregnant or unfortunately sometimes the baby does not develop and you may have what is called a blighted ovum.

You have flu like symptoms but your period is not due for 2 weeks Could you be pregnant you had your last period on November 2nd and it is November 15th But you had sex on October 30th?

Flu symptoms does not mean you are pregnant. If you had a period after October 30th, you are more than likely not pregnant. I would not worry about this unless you miss a period.

My period came on 2 weeks later than usual I've took 2 pregnancy test both negative could i still be pregnant?

no you can't be pregnant

Can you be 6 weeks pregnant and showing?

No you cannot be 6 weeks pregnant and showing. You must be further in than that.

Is 5 months greater than or less than 40 weeks?

5 months are less that 40 weeks

What if you do get pregnant a day after your period?

It's less likely than at other times, but it can happen, and the baby can be carried to term.

How can you get pregnant in less than a month?

Yes you could get pregnant in less then a month.

Can you be 6 weeks pregnant and still get your regular period?

It won't be a "period" but bleeding. If it's lighter than normal it's perfectly fine and normal for about 1/9 women. At six weeks or less your body may not have enough hormonal changes to stop bleeding every month. if this happens to you, contact your doctor and have a chat about it.

Can you get pregnant four weeks after period?

You can get pregnant anytime. However, it is more likely when you have your period so the sperm can fertilize the egg. but other than that you can get pregnant almost anytime you have sexual intercourse. you should always use a condom though to protect against STD's