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No you can not get pregnant.

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2011-07-11 19:18:13
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Q: Can you get pregnant if a girl gets sperm on her legs?
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Can Anna graceman get pregnant?

Yes as long as she spreads her legs open wide and sit on a penis and gets sperm in her vagina.

Which position is most likely to get the girl pregnant?

I don't believe it matters as long as the sperm gets in. Although immediately after intercourse, the woman should lie on her back with her legs elevated for 10 minutes to improve the chances of fertilization.

Can a woman get pregnant if she put a man s sperm in between her legs?

Just putting a sperm may not work, as the sperm wil have to go in the vagina and meet the egg.

Does human sperm have legs?

Human sperm does not have legs. Instead it has a flagella, which is a tail-like structure, that helps it move around.

How old should a girl be to start shaving her legs?

when her hair gets to long might be a good idea

How do you tell the difference between a boy and girl kangaroo?

kick it between the legs and see if it gets angry

Is rubbing alcohol on your legs safe when pregnant?

Is rubbing alcohol on your legs safe when pregnant

What a period?

A period is something a girl gets during and after puberty. once pubic hair starts growing on the vagina, about two years later a girl gets her period. It comes out of the vagina, in between the legs. It is blood, and to stop it from staining you need a tampon or pad. Once a girl starts having periods, she can get pregnant.

If you were bleeding heavily one day then following morning had sexand quit bleeding could you be pregnant?

yes ur pregnant nice girl keep yo legs shut

What to expect when you have puberty?

For guys the basics are. Pubic hair. Produce sperm. Genitals grow bigger. Growth spurt. Armpit hair. Facial hair. Deeper voice. hair on legs and arms will increase and get darker Able to get girls pregnant. For girls the basics are. Breasts grow waist gets smaller pelvis gets bigger. Pubic hair. Menstrual cycle starts. (periods) Able to get pregnant by boys Genitals Widen

Is Avril Lavigne waxed?

She gets her legs waxed now and again :D She gets her legs waxed now and again :D She gets her legs waxed now and again

What animal on earth is born without any legs gets two legs when its young gets three legs when it gets old gets six legs when it gets very old and then dies without any legs?

A human :- when its young it has two legs; when its old it has 3 legs because of an additional walking stick.. when its realy old it has 6 legs because of the walking stick with four feet or a walking stand with four legs; then it dies without any legs becaue it loses control and energy of its leg.... :) riddle eh?

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