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The sperm would have to enter inside of the vagina. So ejaculating near it alone would not cause pregnancy.

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Can you get pregnant if he rubs his penis inside your vagina but you are a virgin and he didnt cumm?

if there was pre-ejaculate yes since pre-ejaculate can contain small amounts of sperm and virgins can get pregnant.

Can you fall pregnant if you are a virgin and had sperm can in contact with your virgina?

It is possible, but unlikely to get pregnant from sperm on your vagina.

Can you get pregnant if you rub your penis on her vagina without out any signs of pre-ejaculate?

Yes, if sperm comes anywhere near the vagina then there is a chance that she will become pregnant.

Can you get pregnant from pre sperm after swallowing sperm?

As long as the ejaculate doesn't come in contact with your vagina, it won't get you pregnant. Swallowing ejaculate doesn't pose a risk at all.

How far does your penis have to be in to get her pregnant?

It actually does not even have to enter the vagina to cause pregnancy if there is sperm/ejaculate on the outside of her vagina. If there is ejaculate around, on and definitely in the vagina there is always a possibility of pregnancy.

Can you get pregnant if you still a virgin and get pregnant off of pre-ejaculate?

Yes, you can... Pre-cum still contains some sperm in it. Also, being a virgin makes no difference to the odds of becoming pregnant.

If pre-ejaculate around your area can that get you pregnant?

If there is sperm near the vagina there is every chance of them getting inside the vagina, and make you pregnant.

Is a virgin women can pregnant with wet sperm finger?

Yes, it doesn't matter how the sperm get inside the vagina. If it's in it can get you pregnant.

Can a girl get pregnant if the guy has sperm on his underwear then the girl touches it with her vagina?

The answer is no. the male has to actually ejaculate inside of the female's vagina.

How much does he have to come inside the vagina to get pregnant?

A man will ejaculate millions of sperm. Only one of these sperm are needed to make a woman pregnant. Therefore even the tiniest bit of ejaculate can cause pregnancy.

Is it possible to get pregnant with sperm being around the outside of your vagina?

Sperm around the outside of the vagina does not make you pregnant, but you can't be sure that some sperm cells did get inside. Therefore, you can get pregnant from this. Obviously, the chances of getting pregnant this way are a lot lower than when a male would ejaculate inside your vagina.

If your a virgin and sperm touches the outside of your vagina?

Virgin or not, you cannot get pregnant unless it goes inside where your egg is.

If you are a virgin and sperm touches your vagina can you get pregnant?

No, the sperm has to inside the vagina wall to travel up the philopien tubes with the thrust of the male's orgasm.

Can you get pregnant if the penis did not enter inside the vagina?

If the man ejaculated even outside of the woman's vagina, if his sperm gets inside her vagina she can get pregnant. For example if you masturbate your partner to get him fully erect for sex and then he puts a condom on for sex, if you then touch your vagina with the same hand and it has pre-ejaculate on it you can get pregnant. This is from small amounts of sperm cells in his pre-ejaculate. Even if he uses a condom and it doesn't split or slip off and he doesn't ejaculate inside you.

Is it mandatory to put penis inside the vagina to make her pregnant?

Yes, or very close and if you ejaculate the sperm gets inside her vagina.

Who do you get sperm out?

A girl can get pregnant by pre-ejaculate and ejaculate. Ejaculate contains the most sperm.

How did i make the girl pragnent?

You can make a girl pregnant by ejaculating in her vagina. When the ejaculate enters the vagina, it swims towards an egg. Once a sperm from the ejaculate has latched onto her egg or eggs, she is pregnant and an infant begins to grow.

If you insert fingers into the vagina will you get pregnant?

No, you cannot get pregnant. Your fingers do not contain sperm and they do not ejaculate. Just wash your hands if he ejaculated on your fingers before you insert them into your vagina and you will be fine.

Can you get pregnant if you are a virgin but he precumed inside you?

Yes. Pre-ejaculate does contain some sperm, and one sperm cell is enough to get you pregnant if it makes it to your egg. Yes. Precome contains nutrients and seminal fluids for moving sperm, as well as sperm itself. So it is possible to get pregnant from precome. However, it is impossible to be a virgin and get precome in you unless the penis is wiped on the vagina. The mere act of penetration constitutes losing your virginity.

If your Boyfriend Rubbed His Penis In your Vagina can you get pregnant?

if there is pre-ejaculate yes since it can contain small amounts of sperm

Can you get pregnant if a guy sticks his penis inside of a women but sperm does not come out?

this ios impossible for a women to get pregnant the male has to ejaculate or in small terms (shoot out sperm) into the females vagina

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