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Q: Can you get pregnant if he pre-ejaculate when he is wearing underpants and female partner is not wearing anything?
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Can you get pregnant if you and your partner have chlamydia?

Yes, you can get pregnant if you and your partner have chlamydia.

Can a woman get pregnant if her partner drinks alcohol?

NO... That's not how you get pregnant.

Can you get pregnant if you or your partner has chlamydia?


Is it safe for your partner to not pull out when your pregnant?


Can your period cause you get pregnant if your partner did not sperm in you?

If your partner did not touch your body with his erect penis in any way, you can not get pregnant. But if he was inside you and pulled out to come, then yes, you could be pregnant.

Is there a chance you could be Pregnant if your partner pulls it out without a condom?

yes there is a chance that you can become pregnant from you partner pulling out without a condom

If i have herpes and my partner doesn't how can we get pregnant?

Have sex.

If your partner has a diabetes can you still get pregnant?


Is having to much sex bad for you?

No it is not. It is good for you, if anything. Except if your partner has a sexually transmitted disease, or the two of you are not using protection against her getting pregnant.

Where can I get help to get pregnant?

If you're having trouble getting pregnant, talking to your doctor is the best first step to take. Your doctor can rule out anything that might be keeping you from getting pregnant. If you find out either you or your partner are not able to reproduce, fertility clinics exist to help you become pregnant.

Could you be pregnant if your partner didn't have any experience in sex?

If you have had sex then yes you could be pregnant, regardless of whether your partner had had any experience prior to you.

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