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If the tubes are tyed you will not get pregnant if you have unprotected sex.

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โˆ™ 2008-10-27 21:50:37
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Q: Can you get pregnant if tubes are tied and you have unpertected sex?
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You had unpertected sex then one week later had your period are you pregnant?


Can you still get pregnant with tubes tied and burned?

Yes there is a slight chance

When will i get pregnant?

When you have sex without birth control pills. && yuu cnt have your tubes tied!:)There is not way to predict when you will get pregnant. A woman gets pregnant when she ovulates.

How does a person get AIDS?

From having unpertected sex with someone who does.

When can you have unpertected sex?

I'll tell you when you can spell protected right.

Is sex better after getting tubes tied?

I don't imagine it would change, except for the mental part. You may be more relaxed not having to worry about getting pregnant.

Is feel want alot sex after tie tube?

There is no physical reason having your tubes tied would increase your sex drive. However, the psychological relief of knowing you can have unprotected sex without getting pregnant could have that effect.

How long after unpertected sex do pregnancy signs show?

within 8 weeks.

What happens if your tubes are tied and burned is it possible to get pregnant?

Tied and burned is a double job, and the chance of getting pregnant after that are next to none, but no doctor will say it is 100% effective because strange things can happen. That is the most effective way to prevent pregnancy beside abstaining from sex completely.

What day can you get preagent?

You can get pregnant 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year if you have sex, if you're not on birth control or are not using protection...unless you have your tubes tied, or you are a man.

Pregnacy question is it even possible for a 42 year old woman who had her tubes tied 17 years ago and has had 3 normal periods since she had sex to be pregnant also one negative test I am a worryer?


Pregnant and husband had a vasectomy?

Vasectomy's are not 100% fool-proof. If you had sex before you got the all clear you can get pregnant and sometimes the tubes can grow back

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