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yes if he take them off

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โˆ™ 2007-12-04 04:41:26
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Q: Can you get pregnant if you are wearing a thong and your partner is wearing two pairs of pants?
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Can you get pregnant if you were wearing pants your boyfriend had jeans he was on you both were shirtless but both felt wet but with wet marks on your pants?

You cant get pregnant. you both have pants on. that is the only reason you can get pregnant.

Can you get pregnant of you have on sweat pants and your boyfriend is on top of you and he's wearing basketball shorts?


Can you get pregnant if your wearing thin shorts but he has jeans on?

No. Sperms can not travel through jeans and your pants.

How many pairs of pants does SpongeBob has?

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Is wearing your pants down come from the prison?

Rumor has it that people in jail, when they were asking for.... a sexual partner they "sagged" their pants to let other inmates know.

Which is correct two pair of pants or two pairs of pants?

'Two pairs of pants' is correct.

How many pairs of pairs of pants was Chester a Arthur said to have owned?

80 pairs of pants

Plural form of pants?

The word 'pants' is plural. If you want to refer to several pairs of pants, then you say 'several pairs of pants'.

Plural of a pair of pants?

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Why does Tiger Woods bring 4 pairs of pants to every golf tournament?

it may be because tiger woods might be afraid that the pants that he is wearing might get torn in the middle of the game

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Can you get pregnant if your boyfriend had his pants on?

You can get pregnant if his sperm manages to get inside your vagina. Obviously he couldn't penetrate you if he is wearing his pants, but if he ejaculated his sperm could get through the material and into you. Make sure you take a pregnancy test and don't do this again unless you want to be pregnant.

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