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Yes you can become pregnant, because your body has not yet adapted to the hormones in the Birth Control which protects you from pregnancy. You should take a pregnancy test if you have had unprotected intercourse during you first week of starting birth control. You should wait to have unprotected intercourse for at least 1-2 months,2 months being safer.

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Yes you can still get pregnant & you should use a condom for 2 weeks.

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Q: Can you get pregnant if you have not taken your pill after a week and a half?
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New to pill first week can you get pregnant if you started the pill on day your period ended which only lasted day and half and cycles that ain't regular and missed a pill day after unprotected sex?

if you have unprotected sex you can get pregnant. Period.

You are on the pill and you may have missed 3 at different times but taken 2 the next day and you have not gotten your period in a week can you be pregnant?


Can a girl get pregnant from anal while on the pill for a week?

No after a week you are protected.

Can you get pregnant while on the pill and the week before your period?

Yes. The pill is not always affective.

Can you get pregnant after not taking your birth control pill for a week?

its not guaranteed to get pregnant BUT the risk is definitely increased

Can you still get pregnant if you skipped a birth control pill and didn't realize it for 3 days but have taken all the other pills on schedule since then but did not make up the missed 1 yet?

No you are fine. If you forgot a week or more you would be in trouble, but one pill and the rest taken there is no problem. One pill does not a baby make.

Can you get pregnant the week after your 21 pills are taken?


When your pregnant after 3 weeks or less if you take the pill that can kill the baby would it work?

The abortion pill works up to the 9th week. No other pill works. If you mean the birth control pill or morning after pill, it will not work as soon as you are pregnant.

I took a pill that was supposed to be taken during the third week the first week?

There's no reason to worry. Leave the first week pill that you didn't take in the pack. When you get to the "hole" in the pack where you took the third week pill out of order, take that leftover first week pill. No backup method is needed.

Is a week too late for conception pills?

there is no such thing as a conception pill - that is not how you get pregnant

Could you get pregnant the first week after coming off the pill?

Yes, it only takes missing one pill actually.

Can a girl get abdominal cramps has a sign of pregnancy after 20-30 mins of sex?

You are not pregnant half an hour after sex! It takes a few days to actually get pregnant and you will have no symptoms for a couple of week at least. This is why the morning after pill is possible.