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Yes, it is possible to get pregnant with thyroid dysfunction, although such dysfunction may make it more difficult to achieve. Additionally, thyroid dysfunction during pregnancy creates a high risk situation and requires frequent monitoring for the safety of both baby and mother. Try talking to your doctor about this.

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Q: Can you get pregnant if you have thyroid problems?
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Can you get pregnant if you take thyroid med?

Yes, you can get pregnant while taking thyroid medicines. Low or high thyroid levels may cause fertility problems, but providing everything else is alright and your thyroid hormone levels are in your normal range, taking thyroid medication will not impair fertility.

Can you get pregnant if your spouse have thyroid disorder?

I can't find anything that a man with a thyroid disorder would be infertile. It's all about women having problems with it regarding fertility and pregnancy so yes, I think he can get you pregnant.

Does 32.6 mch in blood levels mean thyroid problems?

No; take a look at your thyroid testing results to talk about thyroid problems, not your CBC.

What to do when you found out you have ALL thyroid problems there is to have?

If you find that you have a thyroid problem, see an endocrinologist who specializes in thyroid disorders.

When you have problems with your thyroid can it make you lactate?


Is there a link between thyroid problems and sciatica?

There is no link between thyroid problems and sciatica. There is link between parathyroid problem and sciatica.

Can you bleed during pregnancy and have thyroid problems?


Will thyroid problems cause yeast infections?

I have thyroid ang why do I keep getting yeast infection?

Is green tea a good treatment for Thyroid problems?

can i take green tea if i have thyroid problesms

Does obesity affect the thyroid gland?

Yes it can. When the body is overweight the thyroid can not produce enough chemically to such mass ratio, leading to thyroid problems.

Can you have babies with thyroid disease?

Mothers with untreated thyroid disease who become pregnant are considered high risk pregnancies.

What if you are on thyroid hormone and pregnant?

For your safety and the safety of your baby you will require frequent monitoring of your thyroid levels and the growth of your baby.

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