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Yes you can still get pregnant by the time you get in the shower the sperm is already well on its journey into your uterus.

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โˆ™ 2009-01-02 16:03:53
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Q: Can you get pregnant if you wash your vagina after intercourse because you took a shower after intercourse and you want to know if you could have damaged the processes of getting pregnant?
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What does it mean when you bleed hours after sex if you were a virgin?

Usually a female bleeds after initial sexual intercourse because the hymen has been damaged or broken.

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It's OK if you took it before you were pregnant but as soon as you fond out you have to stop or the fetus can get damaged.

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Is it safe to have intercourse on period?

YES. Perfectly safe, in fact, less chance of becoming pregnant (not 100% of course) Also sex loosens up the tight muscles so it can actually make your period less painful. The only problem is that there could be a higher chance of infection if you know that you get overstretched/damaged during intercourse, and theres so much icky blood for sex...

Why shouldn't a pregnant woman drink alcohol?

Because whatever a pregnant woman eat, drink or inhale goes tight to the unborn baby. And unborn babies are really sensitive to some chemicals and can be badly damaged by their mother using them.

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Clotting factors will be activated.

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it depends on which fallopian tube is damaged, if only one is irregualar then there is still a very good chance you can fall pregnant! but if both are damaged then it will be more difficult, but still very possible....remember that if nothing else works IVF will be the best option when the fallopian tubes are unnatural all the best of luck!

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