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yes, anytime sperm comes into contact with the vagina you can get pregnant.

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Can you get pregnant if he rubbed his penis inside of you and ejaculated but there was no penetration?

your question seems to be contradictory. if he was inside you there was penetration. if he ejaculates inside of you there is a chance of pregancy.

If your Boyfriend Rubbed His Penis In your Vagina can you get pregnant?

if there is pre-ejaculate yes since it can contain small amounts of sperm

What if he came then rubbed your vagina?

Sperm can swim, so if he rubbed his penis on your vagina, or anything that has come in contact with semen, it is possible for them to get inside your vagina and for you to become pregnant.

Your boyfriend touched his penis then he rubbed his hand on your clothes After that he touched your vagina Is it possible to get pregnant?

Hello- No its highly unlikely to become pregnant in this situation. But in future make your boyfriend wear a condom when he touches himself. It will prevent you from worrying about pregnancy.

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Can I a virgin get pregnant if my boyfriend without both having clothes on rubbed the outside of my vagina with his penis and said he didnt ejaculate could you still be pregnant?

You were physically related with your boyfriend having our clothes on but rubbed each other then you realized some sticky substance on your jeans so can i be pregnant?

We called it "dry humping" in my teenage years. No you cant get pregnant when the "sticky stuff" is on the outside of the clothes.

Can your girlfriend get pregnant if you rubbed her vagina with your hands?

No... in order for a woman to get pregnant, your PENIS has to go IN her vagina.

Can you get pregnant if your boyfriend finished and took off the condom and rubbed his penis against you?

Yes, there is always a risk. It only takes one sperm to fuse with a ripe egg for a girl to become pregnant and the egg doesn't care how the sperm got there.

Can you get the girl pregnant if the man rubbed his penis inside the girl's vagina but did not ejaculate without a condom?

i think the man has to ejaculate into the vagina for the girl to become pregnant . but if you are going that far with a man you should always use a condom

Can you get pregnant if your boyfriend without both having clothes on rubbed the outside of your vagina with his penis and said he didnt ejaculate could you still be pregnant?

yes it is very possible that u can get pregnant because there is many of those little fellows and they can travel very far n very fast

My friend stopped taking birth control like 5 days ago and her and her boyfriend broke up so she rubbed the inside of the condom on her vagina is there a chance she is pregnant?

That depend on how fresh the sperm in the condom is. Sperm does not survive very well out in the open or if the temperature drops by even a few degrees. Chances of her getting pregnant from that Little stunt are minute or next to non existent.

What if your boyfriend ejaculated and might have rubbed it by accident and then fingered you what are the chances of you being pregnant?

http://www.coolnurse.com/birthcontrol.htm http://www.crisispregnancy.com/birth-mother/pregnancy-questions.html http://www.epigee.org/guide/medfaq.html 50%

His pants were wet from semen and that rubbed your shorts can you get pregnant?

It is very unlikely you could get pregnant. Sperm has to have contact with the vagina to have any chance of your becoming pregnant.

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