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As long as the penis did not come out of the bag.

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Can a girl get pregnant if a guy had a condom on and only rubbed it on their vagina?


Your boyfriend touched his penis then he rubbed his hand on your clothes After that he touched your vagina Is it possible to get pregnant?

Hello- No its highly unlikely to become pregnant in this situation. But in future make your boyfriend wear a condom when he touches himself. It will prevent you from worrying about pregnancy.

Can you get pregnant if your boyfriend finished and took off the condom and rubbed his penis against you?

Yes, there is always a risk. It only takes one sperm to fuse with a ripe egg for a girl to become pregnant and the egg doesn't care how the sperm got there.

Can you get the girl pregnant if the man rubbed his penis inside the girl's vagina but did not ejaculate without a condom?

i think the man has to ejaculate into the vagina for the girl to become pregnant . but if you are going that far with a man you should always use a condom

You and your boyfriend rubbed each other and you were wearing tights and he was wearing jeans is there any possibility to be pregnant?

No. There is no chance in hell that you will get pregnant.

Your boyfriend rubbed his penis on your vagina with pre-ejaculate and then put on a condom and stuck it in and when the condom came out it was very sticky you might of broken could you be pregnant?

yes ther may be a possabilaty if you buy a pregnancy test and see wether you have a baby if you have then you can get an abortion sorry hun :D good luck

My friend stopped taking birth control like 5 days ago and her and her boyfriend broke up so she rubbed the inside of the condom on her vagina is there a chance she is pregnant?

That depend on how fresh the sperm in the condom is. Sperm does not survive very well out in the open or if the temperature drops by even a few degrees. Chances of her getting pregnant from that Little stunt are minute or next to non existent.

If your Boyfriend Rubbed His Penis In your Vagina can you get pregnant?

if there is pre-ejaculate yes since it can contain small amounts of sperm

Your boyfriend rubbed his penis arong your vagina he didnt have pre-ejaculate yet could you still be pregnant?


How likely is pregnancy if the penis was rubbed outside of the vagina for a few minutes then entered for a minute with no condom on?

depends on if he came or not and just because it rubbed on the outside of you doesnt mean that you couldn't get pregnant. all it takes is him coming and it touching your vagina

Can I get pregnant if my boyfriend didn't penetrate but rubbed his penis pre ejaculate only no ejaculation against my vagina while I had my panties on?


Can you get pregnant if your boyfriend just rubbed his penis but dint take it inside vagina but sperms spilled over vagina?

yes, anytime sperm comes into contact with the vagina you can get pregnant.

Why does a rubbed plastic object stay charged but a rubbed metal object lose its charge?

Plastic is an insulator where as metal is a good conductor

What is indicated when the paper bits move towards the rubbed plastic strip?

Paper which is attracted to a rubbed plastic strip demonstrates 'static electricity'.

Is is possible to get pregnant if he rubbed his penis against your vagina without cumming and you took birth control pills the day after?

If he wasn't wearing a condom,there is a chance you could get pregnant.Take a pregnancy test.

Do you have to prime a 2000 S10 fuel pump when you replace it?

Can I a virgin get pregnant if my boyfriend without both having clothes on rubbed the outside of my vagina with his penis and said he didnt ejaculate could you still be pregnant?

What type of charge does plastic collect when rubbed?


When a plastic rod is rubbed with a cloth the plastic rod gains what?

The plastic rod gains static electricity.

What will happen if a glass ruler is rubbed vigorously on a woolen cloth?

A plastic ruler is rubbed vigorously with a woolen cloth

Is it possible for a girl to get pregnant while using a condom?

yes! some guys, 'love' their girls so much that they will take a safety pin and stab a hole in the condom before sex, because he's scared she'll leave and thinks she wont if shes pregnant. also, since the condom i being rubbed so, it can naturally rip during sex. and even if you 'take it out before you come' there is pre-cum, you don't feel it, or even see it most of the time.

You were physically related with your boyfriend having our clothes on but rubbed each other then you realized some sticky substance on your jeans so can i be pregnant?

We called it "dry humping" in my teenage years. No you cant get pregnant when the "sticky stuff" is on the outside of the clothes.

Is it possible to be pregnant if he had a condom on but it had a hole in it and may have ejaculated a little but had not yet ejaculated was rubbed around the vagina but not in it?

Yes. Highly unlikely, but theoritically possilbe if small amount of semen was released. Again, very low probability.

You were on your period and he was wearing a condom and he didn't penetrate just rubbed around with his penis but after you were done you didn't bleed much after that can you be pregnant?

Pregnancy occurs when semen enters the vagina and fertilizes an egg, and then only. If no semen entered your vagina (or the area outside your vagina, since sperm can swim), there is no chance you can get pregnant. If the condom was put on properly and did not break, there is an extremely low chance you can be pregnant. If you did not bleed much after intercourse, most likely it is coincidence that your cycle was almost over.

Can your girlfriend get pregnant if you rubbed her vagina with your hands?

No... in order for a woman to get pregnant, your PENIS has to go IN her vagina.

If his pants were damp with semen and that rubbed your shorts can you get pregnant?