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Can you get pregnant if your partner does not ejackulate inside of you?


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Yes you can because the pre-ejaculate is more potent than the actual semen Many men "leak" a little seminal fluid prior to full ejaculation, and it typically has quite a large number of sperm cells. Yes, very much so. In fact, there is an entire religion based on just such an occurrence. Seriously, you certainly can get pregnant without your partner ejaculating inside you. There are several possibilities: 1] You have intercourse but your partner withdraws before ejaculation. Folks who do this are often called "parents"

2] Your partner ejaculates on your vagina, or pretty near it. Sperm are pretty active little fellahs and don't have a lot else to do except swim. Some of them may find their way around things and get the job done. 3] Your partner ejaculates somewhere else-- say, your hand-- and then you masturbate. You've now introduced sperm to their natural habitat; they're going to do their best to do what they've trained for all their little lives. 4] You properly use a condom, putting it on the penis before it comes anywhere near your lower half. Oh wait, this is how you PREVENT pregnancy. There have been no good studies to show how often non-intercourse pregnancy occurs because the participants often fib. I mean, seriously, how are you gonna prove it?