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The sperm can live up to 5 days inside you so yes.

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can you be pregnant within two days.

Having your period two days early or two days late, if it is a regular period - not just spotting, then you are in all likelihood not pregnant.

If you have had unprotected sex, and now you are two days late , then you could very well be pregnant.

It is less likely than later in the cycle, but you sure can get pregnant two days after your period.

If you have a normal period two days after sex, you are probably not pregnant.

Yes, it is possible to become pregnant one or two days after your period.

No. Two days is nothing. Think weeks, a month or more. Then, possible pregnant.

Starting your period two days after intercourse, is the sign that you had ovulated about 10 - 12 days prior to having sex - so you are not pregnant.

It's not likely, though it is not impossible. The least likely days to become pregnant are the two days before, the days of, and the two days following your period.

if what your asking is if you have sex two days after period then can you get pregnant the answer is yes.

You can get pregnant 365 days of the year. That said, you are somewhat less likely to get pregnant right after your period has finished.

she was two days due du

If your cycle is very regular,then your chances of getting pregnant within two days of your period are very slim.

4 weeks and 3 days pregnant but slept with three men in a month?

It takes fourteen days (two weeks) to determine if you are pregnant with a home pregnancy test.

You know that you might be pregnant after you have had sex at a fertile time. The start of pregnancy is two or three days after the sex, and nothing indicates that you are definitely pregnant for many days after that.

If you had sex within 5 days before or two days after ovulation the n yes you could get pregnant.

You can determine pregnancy 14 days after intercourse.

No, if you menstruated then you are not pregnant - it is possible to bleed when pregnant, but biologically impossible to menstruate during pregnancy. Two days after menstruation spotting is normal, it's just the remaining blood leaving your body.

No as you need to ovulate to get pregnant. You count 14 days from the start of your period and thats when you ovulate. If you dont conceive then you get your period 14 days later.

Discharge changes when you are pregnant. Beware of sweets as pregnant women are very vulnerable to yeast infections!

No you cant be pregnant ,, that's for sure . one or two days doesnt mean any thing .

No; there are a few days around ovulation when a woman is most fertile, but it is possible to get pregnant on ANY day of the month

They are pregnant for 3 sim days, at the end of the first two days she gets a bigger belly, and on day three there is the baby.