Can you get pregnant with someone in two weeks?


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You can get pregnant with anyone of the opposite sex if you have sexual intercourse with them. There are methods to have intercourse while limiting the chance of conception which is called contraception.

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about 7 months. like 7 months and two weeks.

Yes, you can tell if your pregnant in two weeks.

The typical menstrual cycle is 28 days long (4 weeks). Ovulation occurs half way through (2 weeks). At ovulation you are MOST likely to get pregnant.

The normal progesterone levels for someone who is 8 weeks pregnant is 25.9.

Normally many people would think that 37 weeks would be equivalent to 9 months pregnant because there are 4 weeks in a month. However because there is slightly more than 4 weeks in a month, someone who is 37 weeks pregnant is just over 8 months pregnant.

4 weeks and 3 days pregnant but slept with three men in a month?

Generally four weeks. You have to wait at least two weeks after intercourse to determine pregnancy, but two weeks after intercourse you are actually four weeks pregnant.

You have to ovulate within that 2 weeks. That is generally mid-cycle You have to be ovulating when you have sex before you can be pregnant. this happens two weeks before your period, usually.

No. When you turn heavily pregnant you will.

you could be pregnant in the first 2 weeks if pregnancy test is blue

Not really any different to not being, at two weeks your lucky to even know you are pregnant.

The test will be reliable 2 weeks after sex.

One to two weeks, or about two weeks after intercourse.

You can get pregnant as soon as two to four weeks after a D&C if you weren't pregnant. If you had a D&C to terminate a pregnancy, you can get pregnant in four to six weeks.

You will be 4 weeks pregnant at the earliest to find out, technically it is two weeks but pregnancy weeks are different. Doctors consider the first week of pregnancy to be the week of your last period, so two weeks after that you most likely ovulate (which is when you would conceive when having sex and "actually get pregnant") So you can look at it as actually two weeks since conception or in actual pregnancy weeks as four weeks.

To try and get pregnant you need to add two weeks (fourteen days) to the FIRST day of your period. You also have a two day window to get pregnant.

About two weeks after intercourse.

Yes you can still get pregnant & you should use a condom for 2 weeks.

You should be able to tell from a home pregnancy test when you are fourteen days (two weeks) pregnant.

Two weeks after you have your period is typically the most likely time to become pregnant.

It is not likely because at two weeks pregnant, this is the week of conception. It is going to take at least 14 days after this to determine if pregnancy was successful.

You ovulate two weeks before menstruation - thus the soonest you'd skip a period is that first period, two weeks after you get pregnant.

Two months. There are four weeks in a month.

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