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Can you get rare Pokemon without cheats on Pokemon Emerald?

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Yeah, of course! I finished Pokemon Emerald years ago and I caught the legendary pokémon This was all done without cheats mind you, I only have a Gameboy Color. No cheats. You can catch it, but I suggest buying a few masterballs, it could take a while.

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You Need Cheats The Wild Pokemon Modifier.

you will have to get a tt ds chip from game stores and tell the to download pokemon emerald it will take up 5 dollars then go to cheats and press infinity rare candys

you cant get or find any rare dogs without cheats

You have to find rare candy or buy them at a certain store.

You cant without Action Replay.If you want rare candies look for them.

On Pokemon emerald, just clone 99 Pokemon holding a rare candy.

Solrock is not such a rare Pokemon but you can only get them in ruby/emerald

this is impossible without cheats

No, but it is considered as a rare Pokemon in emerald.

the main rare Pokemon is ragwaza (soz carnt remember how to spell it <:)

make a Pokemon hold one and clone it at the battle tower

the only way i know is to get Pokemon emerald and duplicate Pokemon holding rare candies(go to youtube to find out how)and migrate them to your game

You can't. If you want infinite of any item, you're gonna need cheats.

you can use a gameshark or cloning cheats to get lots of rare candies

actuallly, u can't. you should buy one because if u play Pokemon alot, its worth the $20. same with many other games! if u want cheats for rare Pokemon, go to or just Google "cheats guru" after "rare Pokemon codes" it would look like this: Pokemon diamond and pearl action replay codes cheats guru

The answer is use Pokemon fire red cheats.

There are multiple sites and books one can use for cheats. One cheat is levelling up Pokemon early by using a rare candy. One can also skip the evolution process all together.

Snubbull is a rare Pokemon that can only be found in the Safari Zone extension in Pokemon Emerald.

There isn't a good way to do it without cheats. Shiny Pokémon come as a result of specific values that are rare to come across. Unless you have a way to cheat and get it, it's best to not hope to get one.

The rare candy in pokemon emerald you can get after beating trick house of north slateport city

The way of get rare candies without cheats is simple. Capture 5 lillipub on with the pick up ability and go make u effort training normally (kill wild pokemon),look them eventually they get a item equipped,usually is rare candy (10%).

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