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Can you get service from virgin mobile when using an Verizon phone?

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no u cant because the phone is made for verision only

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Is reach out wireless service compatible with virgin mobile?

No, You can only use a used Verizon wireless phone that has previously had Verizon service and Reachout wireless will send you a phone when you sign up for their service.

What companies offer cell phone service without a contracted plan?

Straight Talk, Trac Phone Wireless, Boost Mobile, Verizon has a prepaid service, Virgin Mobile.

Is there a site to download a simple ring for a cell phone?

It matters which cell phone service. If you have Verizon goto verizonwireless.com If you have virgin mobile goto virginmobile.com

Where can you get a purple lg neon?

You can get this phone at Verizon, nextel, virgin mobile.......

What phone companies have the iphone?

Virgin mobile Verizon AT&T and Sprint have the I Phone available for people

If I take the Verizon SIM card out of my iPhone 4s can I put in a virgin mobile SIM card?

If you want to change your carrier from Verizon to Virgin Mobile, you would have to call the company first and see if the phone is compatible with their service. The only way you would be able to do this is if the iPhone is unlocked.

Are Virgin Mobile phone plans better than Verizon phone plans?

No they are not. Verizon phone plans are better. They may be a bit more expensive, but they have better coverage. The coverage of Virgin is a bit sketchy and patchy. If you want reliability, go with Verizon.

What are some companies that offer prepaid cellular phone service?

Some companies that offer prepaid cellular phone service are: AT&T, Tmobile, Virgin Mobile, Straight Talk, Verizon and Boost Mobile. Each company has different rates and prices vary.

Can I use a T-Mobile model phone with Verizon service?

T-Mobile phones do not work with Verizon's Service. T-Mobile phones use Sim Cards and Verizon does not, so they are not compatible.

Is a call from a sprint phone to a Verizon phone free?

No. The are two different cell phone service providers so mobile to mobile minutes are unavailable.

Anime rpg for mobile?

There is not a cell phone service called Anime RPG. The common cell phone service would be Verizon.

Does the lg rumor have unlimited text?

That depends on the service provider you're with. The phone doesn't have UNLTD texting on it's own; you must buy it from your service provider (eg, Sprint, Verizon, Virgin Mobile, etc.).

What does swap phones mean in virgin mobile?

to swap means to change your current service over to a new prepaid virgin mobile phone...

Can a Verizon phone be used with boost mobile?

can i connect my verizon phone to boost mobile

What is ATT service offer?

phone service but Verizon is the best some other great phone services are t-mobile, and metro pcs

How can someone start service with Virgin Mobile?

If one is interested in starting service with Virgin Mobile there are a few different ways to go about it. This can be done directly from the website from ordering the phone to receiving it and activating it. Another option would be to visit a Virgin Mobile location and purchase and activate the phone onsite.

How can you transfer music from a computer to a Virgin Mobile phone?


Can you use a T-Mobile phone with Verizon?

N you cant use a t mobile phone with Verizon because it the t mobile phone has a sim card and the Verizon doesn't take sim cards.No you cant use a t mobile phone with Verizon because it the t mobile phone has a sim card and the Verizon doesn't take sim cards.This is not true Verizon does have sim cards look it up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can you flash a sprint phone to virgin mobile?

In short, the answer is "No."Why? It's complicated. The main reason is that even though Sprint is CDMA and Virgin Mobile is also CDMA, the difference is that Virgin Mobile offers cheap service (but) requires that you buy an expensive phone to utilize their service and their phones are not unlockable, meaning they cannot be transferred to another company. Virgin Mobile is so greedy you can't transfer any other carriers phones to virgin mobile nor can you use their phones and transfer service from Virgin Mobile (such as, to Sprint). It's just how it is.

Where can one get a prepaid cell phone plan?

Prepaid cell phone plans can be obtained from a wide variety of different mobile companies. T-Mobile, Verizon, Virgin Mobile, and AT&T, for example, each offer these plans.

Does Virgin Mobile offer phone service?

Virgin Mobile offers a wide variety of mobile and landline phone services. All of their landline services are offered through AT& T. These services also include high speed internet.

When did Virgin mobile phone come out?

Virgin mobile phone came out in the 1990s. Virgin mobile phone is the subsidiary of the Virgin Group that has more than 400 companies in the world. The company is owned by Richard Branson.

Can I only buy a Kyocera Loft cell phone from Virgin Mobile?

The Kyocera Loft phone is only available through Virgin Mobile. They have exclusive rights to selling it, which can be beneficial for those who like Virgin. It can also be detrimental if you want to use another phone service.

verizon cheap prepaid and refillable cards and for my gusto prepaid and mobile phone?

verizon prepaid and cheap cards and for my mobile prepaid and gusto mobile phone

Which cellular phone service provider in the US is the most reliable?

Verizon wireless is good, although AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Cricket, US Cellular, Metro PCS, Virgin Mobile and others are also really good and also reliable.

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