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Not from an infectious disease like the flu or a common cold. These are caused by viruses not cold weather.

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Q: Can you get sick from going to bed with your hair wet in the winter?
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Can you get sick going to bed with wet hair?


Why not go to bed with your hair wet?

It will look awful in the morning. You can not get sick from that. It is a myth.

Why do your hair grow grey when going to bed with wet hair?

It doesn't. Its a myth.

What is the answer brain teaser b sick ed?

Sick in bed

Does hair gel effect your hair growth?

As long as you wash your hair with shampoo before going to bed than it should not.

What is the difference between in bed and on bed?

In bed is sleeping, on bed is being sick.

Is it good to braid relaxed hair?

It is actually pretty healthy, and a good way to stop damaging the hair when going to bed. Its a nice break for the hair :)

Does going to bed with wet hair cause issues?

No not really but some times yes

What is sick bed?

sickbed is a generic term used to describe a bed in which a sick person lies.

Can you get sick from a bed bug?


How do you get rid of bed hair?

its tricky but if you wake up with bed hair you can put water on it or hair spray it is also good if you have short hair because if you wake up with bed hair spike your hair and people won't notice

How do you get bed head on Animal Crossing?

If you don't log on for a long period in animal crossing, you get bed hair. The only way to remove this is by going to shampoodle in the city.

How sick can you get from bed bug bites?

It can make you very sick. If you been bite by a bed bug you need to see a Doctor. To tell that your sick from bed bugs is,You will have the bites on you bodyYou will have the runnsYou will have a stomach acheYou will may have a fever

What actors and actresses appeared in The Sick Bed - 2010?

The cast of The Sick Bed - 2010 includes: Bertie Brosnan as Bill

How do you get sick overnight?

To get sick overnight, drink cold fluids all day and before you go to bed open your window or turn on a fan in your room. Then have a really really cold shower, stay up really late and make sure when you go to bed that your hair is wet. And the most important thing to do that night is hang around someone who is already sick.

Can bed bugs be transported in your hair?

no they bite you in your bed

Is it healthy to put mayonnaise on your hair?

Real mayonnaise can be good for your hair. However, if you do put any in there, you need to make sure you wash it out before going to bed. You don't want it to spoil in your hair.

How can make sentence using the word flower bed?

I was so sick of finding ladybugs in the middle of winter, where they had no trees to go to, so I picked up the one under my chair, and put it in the flower bed.

How do you spell I'm sick?

The phrase "I'm sick" is short for "I am sick."If you are "sick," you may feel ill, have nausea, or have indigestion. If you are sick in bed, it may be due to a disease or a malady.

Do bed bugs hibernate during the winter?


What is a good frog in bed joke?

There are many good jokes to go alone with a frog and a bed. A frog in bed is a sick frog.

How do you get bed bugs out of your hair?


Can you get sick from crying in the shower?

what? Can you get sick crying in bed? Or on a shoulder? Or after 10pm? Cry in the shower all you want.

Why is your male rabbit building a bed from grass?

maybe he is getting old, is sick, or just wants a bed

Is there a fear of going to sleep in your bed i.e. falling asleep on the sofa or on the floor instead of going to bed?

Whilst there isn't a specific fear for going to sleep in a bed, there is a fear of going to bed which is called Clinophobia and there is a fear of sleep which is Somniphobia.