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Can you get skinny but have a big butt and breasts without plastic surgery?

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== == I have the same problem and I found out that you will probably loose the boobs but if you want to keep your butt, than do lunges a lot of them. For building up the rear end do squats and lunges

2009-07-12 00:13:50
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What is a spell to make you skinny?

Yes and no plastic surgery and just workout

How do you make your breast smaller if your already skinny?

You can't without surgery.

How do you get skinny when youre fat?

There's only one way without surgery. Eat less, move more.

Can weight loss surgery make you skinny an do they get rid of stretch marks while doing it?

Weight loss surgery can make a person skinny but will not get rid of stretch marks.

How can you have skinny feet?

You can have naturally skinny feet if it is part of your genes. You can also have surgery to have your feet made skinnier.

How can girls have breast while having a rib cage?

what do you mean by that? Are you too skinny to have breasts? Or are you not growing breasts for some medical reason or what?

If you are skinny how do you get a big but and breasts?

well i am skinny and i have alot of butt and more boobs than ever so yahh u do have more but and boobs

Who disagrees with cosmetic surgery?

People who are skinny and have boobs the size of bilstobn!!!! innit though!!!!

Why do skinny people always stay skinny without trying to lose weight?

Fast Matabolism

How do you become pretty and skinny?

if your 40+ plastic surgery,if your younger then 40 only eat celarluy for 1week every other week for 6 months during the whole time don't have junk food or fried food or soda.

How do you get skinny without diet or exersice?

you cant, sorry

If you skinny will breasts still grow?

i think your boobs will still grow if u r skinny because every girl gets boobs in their lives your boobs wont be as big as fat girl [big girls] though

How long do you go without food in order to look skinny?

you should not go without food at all to look skinny, you will still have water weight and that will just make you look bloated.

Im fat but i want to be skinny for the prom how can i do that if i dont want surgery or drugs?

try exercising and eating healthy

What can you make at home to drink to get skinny?

Lemonade without sugar. Nothing that you consume will MAKE you skinny. You have to move (exercise) and eat less/chew more than you did when you became un-skinny.

What can you do if you're skinny and have small breasts?

Count your blessings. You look good in clothes and you can run without taking an eye out. Padded bras help a little. Or you could take birth control pills. try gaining some weight, solves both problems!

How do you get skinny fast without dieting?

exercise... :) running works the fastest

Why are most of all actresses look skinny?

If your question is: Why are most actresses skinny? Society requires them to be and the camera is not forgiving to plumper figures, especially for women. If your question is: Why do most actresses look skinny? They are actually skinny accept if you are looking at pictures, then you can bet they have been Photoshopped. If your question is: How are most actresses skinny? They can afford to be. They have personal chiefs, trainers, and dietitians at their disposal. If that doesn't cut it they have doctors who will fix them with drugs or surgery.

What does it mean when boy says u got curves?

It means your fat. Or have medium to large sized breasts and a some junk in your trunk. ^^ or your not really skinny lol

Can you take hormone pills to get skinny?

NOO! don't be stupid:L i bet your one of those skinny people that do stupid things to be skinny when they already are, but if you are fat, EXERCISE, or if your really desperate, surgery, but that's risky but hormone pills WONT work and their dangerous and stupid, hope this helped, trust points?<3

collagen injection in lips?

Collagen injection in your lips adds volume without surgery. Here is a link to more information about the cosmetic procedure: How many injections does it take to have fuller lips i have skinny lips i hate them i am a guy so not to big want medium full lips

How can you stay skinny?

This only and only depends on your diet. Without diet plans it is impossible.

How do you get your breasts big?

rub them daily, or once u have had a shower get olive oil,or get fatter that normally helps if ur skinny then u normally have small boobies! hope this helped!

How do you keep your breast from getting bigger?

There is no definitive way. However, breasts contain a lot of fatty tissue, so losing weight (or staying skinny) can help keep them small.

Skinny jeans or super skinny jeans?

Skinny jeans super skinny is to tight