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== == I have the same problem and I found out that you will probably loose the boobs but if you want to keep your butt, than do lunges a lot of them. For building up the rear end do squats and lunges

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โˆ™ 2009-07-12 00:13:50
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Q: Can you get skinny but have a big butt and breasts without plastic surgery?
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How do you make your breast smaller if your already skinny?

You can't without surgery.

How do you get skinny when youre fat?

There's only one way without surgery. Eat less, move more.

Can weight loss surgery make you skinny an do they get rid of stretch marks while doing it?

Weight loss surgery can make a person skinny but will not get rid of stretch marks.

How can girls have breast while having a rib cage?

what do you mean by that? Are you too skinny to have breasts? Or are you not growing breasts for some medical reason or what?

If you are skinny how do you get a big but and breasts?

well i am skinny and i have alot of butt and more boobs than ever so yahh u do have more but and boobs

What skinny by Donna Cooner about?

Skinny by Dna bout a 15 year old girl who is obese. She has a voice that whispers thoughts of her classmates. They aren't good. Ever has surgery but skinny survives. People are starting to like Ever after the surgery. What do you think will happen next? O_O

Who disagrees with cosmetic surgery?

People who are skinny and have boobs the size of bilstobn!!!! innit though!!!!

How do you get skinny without building muscle?


Why do skinny people always stay skinny without trying to lose weight?

Fast Matabolism

How do you become pretty and skinny?

if your 40+ plastic surgery,if your younger then 40 only eat celarluy for 1week every other week for 6 months during the whole time don't have junk food or fried food or soda.

How do you get skinny without diet or exersice?

you cant, sorry

Im fat but i want to be skinny for the prom how can i do that if i dont want surgery or drugs?

try exercising and eating healthy

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