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No, sorry, you can't. I'm trying to get the swords myself for the dragonblade of Nulgath thing, but... no such luck.

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Q: Can you get the behemoth blade of light and shadow even though your not a member?
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Where can you get a cool non-member sword in AQWorlds?

One of the coolest and strongest non-member swords in AQWorlds is the Dragon Blade of Miltonius. You can get this sword as a reward from the question "Demanding Item of Miltonius." Here are the items you'll need.3 totems of miltonius.(Given from quest 'Totem of miltonius' or 'Miltonius')Crimson plate of miltonius.(Given from quest 'Twisted items of Miltonius')Crimson face-plate of miltonius.(Given from quest 'Twisted items of Miltonius')Dragonfire of miltonius.(Given from quest 'Twisted items of Miltonius')Behemoth blade of light.(obtained from Dumoose at Battleon)Behemoth blade of shadow.(obtained from Dumoose at Battleon)

When was In the Shadow of the Blade created?

In the Shadow of the Blade was created in 2004.

How do you get a behemoth sword in aqworlds?

complete all renn and zio's quests then the fairys then goto escherions tower and do all those quest and the quests for the runix cube or just type /join hydra this works on all servers not just chat only

How to get shadow serpent blade in AQWorlds?

There is no shadow serpent blade but if you mean the shadow serpent scythe then it is dropped from the Shadow Serpent in Bludrut Keep 4 (/join bludrut4).

What actors and actresses appeared in Shadow of the Blade - 2011?

The cast of Shadow of the Blade - 2011 includes: Spitfire Brown as Blade Mathew Lorenceau as Familiar

How do you get a shadow blade in ninja warz?

you get it in the beginning

When do you get the shadow blade at full power in ninja wars?

The shadow blade is at full power when you reach lvl 70. It's DPS is 39 and the speed is faster

What are Shadow the Hedgehog's attacks?

Chaos spear, chaos blast, chaos control, chaos dash, blade shadow, hyper shadow, and super shadow

Shadow blade in guild wars?

Shadow Blades can be found in the Fissure of Woe, on Guild Wars. From members of the Shadow Army. Most commonly, Shadow Warriors.

What are the release dates for Hawaiian Eye - 1959 Shadow of the Blade 1-30?

Hawaiian Eye - 1959 Shadow of the Blade 1-30 was released on: USA: 4 May 1960

How do you say shadow blade in Japanese?

kage okami

What codes Wizard 101 2010 September have?

I think it is shadow it gives a shadow blade and when you move it purple mist follows it