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Can you get water fall in diamond?

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yes u can get water fall in Pokemon dimond and pearl beat the 8th gym leader and go to the little island (by the pokemart^)talk to the girl she will give u waterfall don't worry the aleat 4 is easy if u have a starter Pokemon (empoleon surf save them)good tip!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Is diamond insoluble in water?

Diamond will not dissolve in water.

Is diamond soluble in water?

No. A diamond placed into water would remain unchanged.

Why diamond is denser than water?

A diamond is a solid, while water is a liquid.

Will water cut a diamond?

No. Only another diamond can cut a diamond.

Does a diamond sink in water?

A diamond is a pretty rock. There is only one kind of rock that will float in water, and I have seen it, but it was not a diamond.

Is a diamond soluble in water or in soluble?

the diamond is is not soluble because it do-sent dissolve in water.

Where does evaporated water fall under the water cycle?

This water fall on the Earth.

Water drops that fall when the temperature is below freezing fall as?

Water drops that fall when the temperature is below freezing, fall as SNOW . Water drops that fall when the temperature is above freezing fall as RAIN .

Where can you get a water stone in Pokemon Diamond?

In Diamond, you can obtain a Water Stone in the underground in Sunyshore City.

When does diamond dust fall in Pokemon platinum?

January 12

Where is the elite four on Pokemon diamond?

Just head north of sunny shore city go through the victory cave and use water fall and there u are

Will a diamond float on water?

Yes, It is possible for a diamond to float...

Which medium is most dense glass water or diamond?


Is a diamond water resource?

No. There is no water in diamonds.

What is Rhurbarb Fall?

a water fall

What is the highest water fall in Sri lanka?

Bambarakanda water fall

How do you get lapras in diamond?

u go to victory road and go to that watery place where you found the TM dragon pulse and fish with a super rod at the base of a water fall

Were do you find water fall Pokemon platinum?

in Pokemon diamond i got waterfall from a girl in sunny shore city ( the girl was on bottom floor north) hope it help:)

Which medium is the most dense and how do you know glass water or diamond?


Does diamond dissolve in water?


Can water dissolve a diamond?


Does a real diamond sink or float in water?

A diamond sinks in water. There is only one stone that floats, pumice.

Why does water fall as snow?

The cold temperatures freeze the water into crystals and they fall.

Sudden descent of water in bed of rivers?

water fall

How do you get water fall in pokemon diamond?

Jasmine, from Pokemon GSC versions, gives it to you in Sunyshore, after you defeat Volkner. She can be found on the beach where you need to surf from Sunyshore to reach the Pokemon league.