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No. The retirement age for qualifying for SS benefits is different depending upon the year in which the person was born, the minimum age for collecting a reduced benefit is 62. Persons who have become disabled either by injury or illness may be eligible for Social Security Disability or Supplemental Security Insurance depending upon the individual's circumstances. Information about all SSA programs and procedures can be found on the website, Social Security Online,

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Q: Can you get your Social Security money if you are 23?
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Which president raided social security?

No president can raid the social security fund. The President has no control over the social security fund . Only Congress can put money in or take money away from social security. No money has ever been actually set aside for social security. Money collected for social security has always been spent as quickly as it comes in. A record is kept and the fund is credited with the amounts taken in and debited for money paid out . They even add interest to the balance of fund, but no real money.

What is the amount of money a person receives in social security based on?

is there a limit as to how much money a person on social security can accumulate

Can osteoporosis be call a disability to get Social Security money or not disability?

Yes. osteoporosis can be call a disability to get Social Security money.

Can a social security card be used to withdraw money?

No, you cannot use a social security card to withdraw money. A social security card may be useful if you want to open a bank account, though, and you can withdraw money from that.

What is the purpose of social security tax?

Thats where the money comes from to pay you social security.

What are untaxed Social Security benefits?

The government taxes for most social security benefits. If you make no money, then you don't have to pay taxes for social security.

if a person is on social security and wins lots of money is their social security cut off?

No, you can continue to collect social security until the day you pass away.

What president borrowed money from social security?

what presidents borrowed from social security ?

Can social security claim money from deceased father after one year?

Yes, social security money can be claimed from a deceased father after one year.

What if I have been using a wrong social security number?

The people will take money out you account and you will have to give the money to the person who social security number you was using

Why was social security created?

Before social security people didn't have any money for retirement. The social security administration collects money from everyone's pay check and when they retire they get it back. A person needs to have 40 quarters into the system.

Is Social Security in trouble?

Social Security has been in trouble for years and years, I will never see my money, this I know.

What year did Congress begin to borrow steal money from Social Security?

I had always understood it was 1957 when congress enacted the 'steal from social security' law. We owe so much money now that we can't afford to repay the Social Security account. And also: Social Security IS NOT AN ENTITLEMENT!

How much money can you make on regular Social Security?

You can make as much money as you want if you are on Social Security. If you are younger than a specified age, your Social Security payment will be reduced by a fraction of the money you make that is greater than a set amount (one dollar for every three dollars you make over that amount). But the result is always that you have more money than you would if you were on Social Security alone.

Is there money in your name tied to your social security number at your access?

You cannot access your social security entitlement until you are eligible to collect social security. Then the people who are working will fund your entitlement.

How much money has been taken from social security and put into the general fund?

When you are running a $19 trillion deficit, there is no general fund. The Social Security money is gone.

How do you take some of your social security money out early?

The only way to access Social Security money early is to retire early, but within the restrictions of the Social Security System. If you do that, your monthly payments will be smaller than if you retired at the "normal" time or later.

How does social security premiums influence staffing?

Social security premiums may influence staffing because certain jobs are not required to pay social security. If one is an independent contractor and works from home, they will pay the IRS money, but not social security.

Can you borrow money against your social security funds?


Can you get extra money on social security if you are a alcoholic?


What president took social security money?


Can a student Loan take money when your social security disability check under 750?

Can a student Loan garnish money, From your social security disability check when it is under $750.00

Does social security number of plaintiff need to be given on an interrogatory?

where the money where the money

How much is being deducted from your social security check for medicare?


What impact does moving to another state have on receiving back money from social security disablity?

None; Social Security is a Federal program.

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