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Yes sometimes it is possible for your menstrual cycle to last longer than seven days. If this becomes a habit, visit your doctor.

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How do you know if you are hemorrhaging from your menstrual period?

Call your doctor immediately if you're bleeding nonstop!

Why was your menstrual 3 days early last month and late this month?

because last month i was on holiday!

Where does menstrual blood come from?

Menstrual blood is actually the lining of the uterus. Every month that a female does not get pregnant, the old lining is "discarded" as menstrual blood.

How often does menstrual flow occur?

once a month!

How often do gerbils have menstrual cycles?

Once a month

Does a menstrual period happen once a month?

Yes, it does.

When does a woman have her menstrual flow?

A woman has her menstrual flow during menstruation, which is at the start of her menstrual cycle. The typical menstrual cycle is around 28 days, meaning she should menstruate roughly every month.

Why does menstrual flow come once a month for most females?

The average menstrual cycle length is 28 days, which is around a month long. A menstrual cycle is around this length simply because this is how long it takes for your body to ovulate and in turn for it to menstruate.

Will the menstrual cycle day remain the same every month?


How often is a egg produced in the menstrual cycle?

One a month.

Can television destroys lives?

hell no! it might blind you if you watch nonstop for about a month... ( it think)

Why do period happens twice in one month?

When you get your period depends on your menstrual cycle. If you have a 28 day menstrual cycle you will likely get your period once per month, where as if you have a 20 day cycle it is possible to have two periods in one month - e.g. you could get your epriod on the 1st of the month, then again on the 20th of the month.

What is the lunar month as related to health science?

A lunar month is 28 days... important for the menstrual cycle and such.

Can you have your period again before the next month?

Yes, your period isn't determined by the calendar date but is determined by your menstrual cycle - if your menstrual cycle was only 21 days long then you could menstruate on the first of the month, then again on the twentyfirst of the month.

Why does menstrual flow come once a month?

Menstrual flow comes around once a month because that's how long it takes for the menstrual cycle to complete. Menstrual cycle includes menstruation, then follicular phase where eggs in the ovary mature, ovulation when eggs are released, and then the luteal phase when uterine lining plumps-up.

How is the function of the uterus related to the menstrual cycle?

If sperm does not fertilize an egg that is released from the fallopian tubes each month, the uterus sheds its inner lining each month which is known as the menstrual period.

Does a woman get her menstrual cycle every 28 days?

once a month

When is your egg released?

Once a month, 14 days into your menstrual cycle.

What causes menstrual cycle twice a month?

due to hormonal imbalance..

Did lesbians get periods every month?

Orientation has nothing to do with menstrual cycle.

What age does a Labrador begin menstrual cycle?

Normally it is range from 6-12 month (Mostly 8 month)

How do you determine the amount of days in your menstrual cycle?

a menstrual cycle (more comonly known as a period) lasts about a week and happens once a month.

Can a woman get a period twice a month?

It is possible for a female to go through their menstrual cycle twice in one month. There are many factors that can contribute to this. Hormones and stress levels are large factors in relation to the menstrual cycle.

How often women ovulate in a month?

Once a month, Usually between day 14-day 21 of their menstrual cycle.

Is it normal to get menstrual period twice in a month?

Yes because it depends when you started

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