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No - hydrocodone is a controlled substance that can only be given under veterinary prescription to a dog. This is also an extremely high doseage and would probably be fatal to the dog.

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Q: Can you give a 15 pound dog 250mg Hydrocodone for pain?
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Can you take hydrocodone for back pain?

Hydrocodone is a drug that can be prescribed for back pain. Hydrocodone is derived from codeine and is a semi-synthetic opioid.

Is hydrocodone for Pain?

Yes Hydrocodone/Acetaminophen (Vicodin) is an narcotic analgesic aka a pain killer. *Acetaminophen = Tylenol*

Is hydrocodone a narcotic pain medicine?

yes, have you ever heard of vicodin? that's hydrocodone. a narcotic pain medicine

Is hydrocodone an antiniflammatory drug?

Hydrocodone is in a group of drugs called narcotic pain relievers. The combination of hydrocodone and ibuprofen is used short-term to relieve severe pain. This medication is not for treating arthritis pain.

Does tramadol give you the same buzz as a hydrocodone?

Not quite, tramadol gives you a more energetic upbeat feeling, whereas hydrocodone is more relaxed. If it is pain reduction your after it depends on the amount of pain, and if your just looking to get stoned Tramadol is useless.

What are similarities between Concerta and hydrocodone?

There are no similarities between Concerta and Hydrocodone. Concerta, is used for ADHD, and is a stimulant. Hydrocodone is an opiate pain reliever, used for moderate to severe pain.

Does hydrocodone help with trichomoniasis?

No, hydrocodone is a pain medication. It cannot help trichomoniasis.

What is considered Hydrocodone?

Hydrocodone is a pain medication. It is pretty much the same thing as Lortabs.

How to get pain killers out of your system quickly?


What is hydrocodone-apap use for?


What pain killer can you take with Zoloft?


What is the pill hydrocodone for?

Hydrocodone is an 'Analgesic Opioid Painkiller', used to treat moderate to severe pain.

Is hydrocodone a penecilin drug?

no, hydrocodone is a semi-synthetic opioid pain killer and penecillin is an antibiotic.

Hydrocodone is the ingredient in what brand of pain killer?

Hydrocodone is the ingredient of Lortab, also known as Vicodin.

Does hydrocodone have THC in it?

No. Hydrocodone is a pain killer. It is pharmaceutical. The only source for THC is from marijuana plants.

Does Percocet contain hydrocodone?

Percocet does not contain hydrocodone. However, the medication does contain oxycodone which is similar to hydrocodone and also an opiate pain killer.

What is hydrocodone 7.5?

Hydrocodone 7.5 is a combination narcotic pain medication containing 7.5 mg of hydrocodone and 500mg acetaminiphen (generic Tylenol).

What is hydrocodone-apap?

Hydrocodone-apap is a mild pain killer. It is used to treat moderate to severe pain and it is only given through a prescription by a doctor.

Is there a 15mg hydrocodone?

As of August 2014, there is not a 15mg Hydrocodone pill available on the market. Hydrocodone is typically compounded with another pain reliever like Tylenol.

Is l484 hydrocodone?

No..its over the counter pain reliever

Does hydrocodone help inflammation?

No it does not. It helps 'hide' the pain, but it does nothing to 'fix' what causes the pain.

What are the ingredients in lower tab pain killers?

hydrocodone is an insaid used for swelling and pain

What does Vicodin contain?

It contains hydrocodone, which is a synthetic form of codeine, which is a narcotic pain killer, along with Tylenol (or acetaminophen) which helps boost the pain killing capabilities of the hydrocodone.

Watson 853 a pain killer?

Watson 853 is a narcotic analgesic. It contains 10mg Hydrocodone and 325mg Acetaminophen. Hydrocodone belongs to narcotic pain relievers. Acetaminophen is a milder pain reliever and a fever reducer that increases the effects of hydrocodone. So, yes, it is a pain killer, also known under the brand name Vicodin.

Is hydrocodone apap 7.5 500 good for muscle pain?

Hydrocodone seems to work better for skeletal pain. The APAP might actually be doing the heavy lifting if you're getting relief from muscular pain.