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No you can't give herpes to another person and not have it yourself.

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Q: Can you give herpes to another person and not have it yourself?
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Can an adult who has genital herpes give a child mouth herpes?

Yes, they can give anyone herpes if they have skin to skin contact with a person between their infected part (genitals) and another person's body. But in a normal household situation, without sexual abuse occurring, a parent, for instance, with genital herpes will not transmit herpes, oral or genital, to his or her child.

If you have genital herpes can you give it to your partner by kissing them?

only if you first kiss the open sore on yourself prior to kissing another

Can you receive herpes if the carrier receives oral?

yes, because herpes is spread through skin to skin contact, and if one of the people giving or receiving the oral sex has herpes in the mouth or on the face, or anywhere that touches another person can give herpes.

Can you give yourself genital herpes?

Only if you do not wash your hands.

Can you give yourself herpes?

Not likely to happen. Herpes is more likely to be contracted from some one that has it. In order to give your self herpes you would all ready have to have herpes. For example if you touch a cold sore (caused by oral herpes) then with in seconds touch your genitals, you could end up with oral herpes on your genitals.

Do you need to use a condom during pregnancy with herpes?

yes because if you have herpes and have sex without a condom you could give the person your having sex with herpes

Can you get herpes if you give oral but the other person doesn't have herpes?

uh, no?if neither one of you are infected, then how would you get it?

How easy is it to pass herpes from a cold sore to yourself?

Since it is unlikely that you could put your own mouth to your own genitals, it is unlikely that you can give yourself genital herpes from your own cold sores. The virus is spread by skin-to-skin contact with an infected person, at the location where the virus is active, during a time when they are shedding virus.

Can genital herpes in women give an odor?

Break outs can vary from person to person with herpes, some people report having an odor but I have it and have never noticed an odor.

Can a woman give herpes to another woman?

Yes its as contageous as hell

Is it ok to swallow semen if your partner has herpes?

No. Herpes is a virus and can spread. Most likely you would get cold sores around your mouth. Cold sores are herpes simplex and the same as genial herpes. The person you are having sex with will give you herpes if it is active.

Can you give a person herpes if you have antibodies?

If you have herpes antibodies in your blood, then that means you have herpes and yes you could pass it to some one. But passing it would be more likely to happen if or while you have a break out.

Can a human bite give people herpes?

That isn't likely to happen. Some one would have to bite another person while they have a cold sore and break the skin. Herpes isn't often passed through just saliva or blood.

Can a woman give a man herpes?

Any one that has sex and has herpes can give or get herpes. Neither sex is more suceptable to getting herpes.

Is autofellatio safe?

you can not give yourself an STD by swallowing your own ejaculate. the only scenario i can think of where you would spread an STD would be that if you had genital herpes. You could give yourself oral herpes by performing autofellatio, but that is the only thing i can think of. Autofellatio would be safe from the standpont of getting a sexually transmittable disease--unlike the risk of one person sucking another person's penis. If you were going to suck your penis, or thumb, or any other body part--or a doorknob of anything else--without first making sure it is clean, then of course you could get some infection in the enviornment. That being said, for most men autofellatio is impossible. Only around 1% can achieve it.

Can you get gential herpes with some one who has never had any sexual activity except you?

Yes, you can get genital herpes from someone who has never had another sexual partner. A partner with a history of cold sores can give you genital herpes if they give you oral sex with the virus is active.

If a woman doesn't trust her man anymore but there are deep feelings can she overcome those trust issues and give him a chance?

Don't ask another person. Look inside yourself, another person may give you the wrong answer. It's all about opinions.

Can you give someone herpes from chlamydia after one year?

You can only give someone herpes if you have herpes. Chlamydia doesn't cause or turn into herpes.

Can a person that knowingly has herpes be allowed to give to a blood bank?

YES they can. Herpes isn't passed through blood so some one that has herpes should be allowed to donate bloodd.

Passive immuntiy is different from active immunity because passive immunity does what?

Passive immunity is different from active immunity because it means that you can get it from another person and you can give it someone else. Active immunity is when you get it by yourself, not from another person, and you cannot pass it to another person.

Can a person with herpes type 1 give a person type 2 herpes?

A person can only give some one HSV2 if they have HSV2 to begin with. HSV1 doesn't turn into HSV2 but HSV1 can be passed to the genitals. If they only have HSV1 they can still pass it on by kissing while they have a cold sore. They can also pass HSV1 to their partners genitals if they give oral sex while they have any signs of a cold sore or fever blister. Any type of herpes that occurs on the genitals usually gets called 'genital herpes'.

Can people with herpes give blood?

Yes people with herpes can give blood as herpes is not transmitted via blood.

Can you give blood if you have genital herpes?

You can give blood if you have genital herpes.

Why does spam give you herpes?

LOL spam doesn't give you herpes.

Can you get herpes or any other diseases from jerking with yourself?

The only way you could give your self herpes is if you touch a cold sore (they are caused by oral herpes) then with in seconds touch your genitals. You're not going to get any diseases from masturbating with your self.