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Who are the famous foreign scientist and their contributions?

Robert Hooke who was the discoverer of the multi-cell, and there are many other scientists all over the world who had done an immense contribution in order to improve science.

What elements are named for famous scientists?

Examples, in alphabetical order: bohrium, copernicium, curium, einsteinium, fermium, lawrencium, meitnerium, mendelevium, nobelium, roentgenium, rutherfordium, seaborgium; and this year probable flerovium.

Explain the Importance of genetic research for understanding microorganisms?

in order to understand microorganisms, the scientists computerizes Bactria's DNA which the computer puts them in alphabetical order, then the scientists are able to understand which specific gene causes specific disease.

What are the names of famous scientists?

Here is a list of the names of famous scientists (in alphabetical order of the first name):Albert EinsteinAlfred NobelAntoine LavoisierArchimedesAristotleCharles DarwinEdward JennerErnest RutherfordGalileo GalileiGeorge OhmIsaac NewtonJohannes KeplerLouis PasteurMarie CurieMichael FaradayNicholas CopernicusNiels BohrThales

What are two roman contributions to architecture?

Two Roman contributions to architecture are the dome and the Tuscan order of column.

Five contributions of Greek education to modern education?

rank the five greek contributions in order of importance

Which scientists study in order to solve a specific problem?

Applied Scientists !

Scientists that study in order to solve a specific problem are called scientists?


What are scientists call who study earthquakes in order to predict and prepare for them?

Seismologists or geophysical scientists.

How might scientists order data in order to analyze them?

In a table or a graph.

Why are letters written in alphabetical order?

Imagine trying to find a word in the dictionary if there was no alphabetical order!

Do scientists always follow the steps of the scientific order in a specific order?

Yes. They do.

What did scientists look for to put elements in order?


What number is in reverse alphabetical order?

one is the only number in reverse alphabetical order, while 40 is the only in alphabetical order

Contributions of the mathematician to geometry?

Mathematicians do proof in order to solve Geometry theorems.

What were the contributions of Saint Ignatius of Loyola to the Catholic religion?

The two most important contributions of St. Ignatius of Loyola were his spiritual exercises and the founding of the Jesuit Order

Why is it important for scientists to state a conclusion?

It is important for scientists to state a conclusion in order to compare their hypothesis to the data that they observed.

What is the alphabetical order of Harry Potter?

It is not clear what exactly you want in alphabetical order.

Is the index of a atlas in alphabetical order?

Is an atlas un alphabetical order

Why do scientists study rocks in order to study the inside of the earth?

Types of rocks are inside the Earth, so scientists study them.

What has the author A E Sarhan written?

A. E. Sarhan has written: 'Contributions to order statistics'

Scientists measure which element in order to classify magma?


Are numbers first or last in alphabetical order?

There are no numbers in alphabetical order! In alphanumeric order, numbers come first.

Why are dictionaries in alphabetical order?

Alphabetical order makes it easy to find specific words.

Why does it's come before its in alphabetical order?

it comes before It's in alphabetical order.