Can you go on msn on a dsi?

Updated: 10/4/2023
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you cant get msn on dsi maybe if u call Nintendo and ask them to put it in the dsi shop they might

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Yes; BUT, you'll only be able to check your e-mail, not go online on the messenger.

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because they don't ok so yeah by

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Q: Can you go on msn on a dsi?
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How do you get MSN on your DSI?

go on the internet it did for me

How can you get msn on your ds?

Heyy only can on dsi. for dsi .you go on dsi store..then get the web browser <for free> then you have to go on one of the you cant have propper msn: Hope this helps

How do you download msn on the DSi?

You cannot download MSN for the NDSi

Can the Nintendo DSi go on msn?

yes, that's if only you have it hooked up on the internet .

Can the Nintendo DSi have msn?


What can you do on Nintendo DSi internet?

FacebookBeboGoogleEbuddy (msn)

Can you go on MSN Messenger on a DSi system?

MSN Messenger, or Windows Live Messenger as it's now known, is a standalone Windows application. It's not designed to run on a Nintendo DSi, and so using Messenger itself is impossible.However, the DSi has a quite capable Web browser available. By combining this browser with one of the many online IM clients, you can message all your buddies through MSN on a DSi with ease. Find links to these clients below.

Can you assess msn live messenger on a dsi?

Yes you can by going to the internet and gonig on

Can ttds chips go into DSI XL?

No they can not go into dsi XL or dsi. There is a possibility that the system will break. But there is a dsi or dsi XL TTDS like chips.

How can you put internet browser in your dsi because it erased from your main menu?

if you have the internet on your dsi you can go to dsi shop and then go to start shopping then go to dsi ware and go to free and your going to see dsi browser

How do you get Internet on dsi?

you go to dsi shop and go to free and download Nintendo dsi browser you need to download the browser from the dsi shop

How do you go on the internet on dsi?

you go to system settings, and go to internet, or, you can download the Nintendo dsi browser from the dsi store for free.