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It would be best if you didn't. Tanning beds are already dangerous, for they are a huge risk of cancer. It really depends on what kind of meds you are taking though. No matter what, it would be best if you just tan out in the good old fashion sun!


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About fourteen or fifteen but, a parent will have to sign for you

Dont go tanning, it causes skin cancer!

You can find a tanning bed by looking though your local yellow pages to find a tanning bed. Or you can go to to find a good review on tanning beds salons

The girl may want company on her trip to the tanning bed. There are numerous guys who also tan in a tanning booth.

on a reg tann bed sperm can go up ur fanny and u can get pregnant lol

It is very possible that a girl likes you if she wants to go tanning with you.

you can if you want to it won't hurt the tan is on your skin and will stay there if you go to the tanning salon regularly :)

Only the girl knows why she wants you to go into the tanning bed with her. Those beds are made to withstand a maximum number of pounds and not meant for two people.

There is no specific reason why a girl would ask you to go tanning with her. She may just want company.

Yes. A tanning bed is simply an array of UV-emitting fluorescent light bulbs, and a titanium rod will not affect any aspect of the tanning process, however tanning is never a completely safe practice.

No, no one NEEDS to go to a tanning bed. You should probably wear sunscreen if you have fair skin though.

You can go to The offer a wide range and good prices on used tanning beds.

L.A. Tan has both spray tanning and tanning beds. It would depend on your age and where you live though if they would let you go in a tanning bed :)

spray tanning= infection Heat tanning in tanning bed= tan line around bellybutton jewlery and possible infection .

There are many alternatives to tanning in a tanning bed. Tanning outdoors is the easiest and cheapest method, but there are also many lotions you can use. Airbrush tanning is an option but it will be much more expensive than lotions or natural tanning.

no you can go as much as you want but its a 50% you will. most people dont i dont.

To tan you should be about 36 months old. Keep your youngsters out of the tanning bed, please!

No because it can will make have uterine contraction.

no you should not use a tanning bed with a back fusion, as the burning on the skin with go inside your body which will make your back even badder than it is.

Only the girl knows why she wants you to go into a tanning bed with her. People who cause drama and stir stuff up because you have a new girlfriend are jealous.

No, you will not get electrocuted. The more you exercise before tanning, helps you tan easier and better.

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