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A tanning bed is a device that emits ultraviolet radiation so that the user can develop a cosmetic tan. Radiation in a tanning bed is emitted at a more concentrated rate than natural sunlight, so the darker skin tone is achieved more quickly.

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Tanning Beds

Can a tanning bed break when you are in it?

No. Because if it did the place would get sued and trust me on this people care about your safety when there is money invloved

Tanning Beds

Can you wire a tanning bed to a 110?

Yes if that is the voltage that the tanning bed is required to use.

Tanning Beds

What causes your right arm to feel numb after tanning in a tanning bed?

Some reasons could be:

  • A lack of bloodflow to a certain part of your body (arm) due to disproportional distribution of body weight on one side of your body.
  • Simply it could be the bed makes you sit in an awkward position where your bone is cutting off a bit of blood.
  • It could also be a dead nerve

If it's an aching feeling that slightly numbs your arm , see a doctor or physician.

Tanning Beds

Should you shower before or after tanning in a tanning bed?

Generally it is always best to shower before you tan. First of all this increases oxygenation of the skin and it takes UVA + UVB + oxygen to tan. Second, lotion absorbs better just after you shower. Finally, if you are using a product with DHA bronzers in it then it is important that you wait between 2 to 4 hours after tanning before you shower or else you lose some of the color you were headed for. Hope that helps.

Tanning Beds

How soon can you shower after using a tanning bed?

The minimum time is 30 minutes, If you have used a bronzer you will want to wait 1-2 hours so the bronzer has the full time to develop on your skin. Otherwise you risk washing the bronzer off too soon and not getting the results that you wanted.

Tanning Beds

Can you go tanning in a tanning bed if you are peeling?

A "sun burn" is actually your body's allergic response to too much sun exposure. When you have a sun burn, you should drink plenty of water and keep your skin moisturized with a lotion that does not contain mineral oil, lanolin, or alcohol (and most do, so be sure to check your ingredients!).

Tanning with a sun burn can be very dangerous, and just as ineffective. Melanogenesis is the process in which your body reacts to the sun. During "normal" sun exposure, your skin's melanin production increases as your skin's natural defense against sunburn. Melanocytes produce melanin, which after sun exposure, darkens within about 24-48 hours.

During a sunburn, your skin becomes irritated, and your body sends histamines to the skin's surface creating that ithcing burning sensation (like posion ivy). With excessive exposure, this histamine reaction can trigger blistering because the body sends fluid to the skin to calm the irritation. When the fluid id absorbed into the body, and haven't been well hydrated during the time you were healing, you start to peel.

During this "shedding" process, your skin is new, and hasn't properly developed a defense against sun. Tanning while peeling can cause additional sunburns, blistering, scarring, and even dangerous skin cancers.

Your best bet is to FULLY recover from your burn... avoid sun exposure, stay hydrated, and take care of your skin!

There are lots of great resources for safe tanning. The best advice is to tan smart. Gradually build a tan. Don't be impatient. Keep an open dialogue with your tanning consultants, too. They are there to help and are trained to get you the best tan the safest way.

Tanning Beds

How much does it cost to maintain a home tanning bed?

The initial purchase can cost anywhere between 1,500 to 3,000 U.S. dollars, but maintenance fees are minimal and can range from fifty to one hundred dollars every few months to manage electrical bills.

Tanning Beds

Is tanning bed lotion recommended for dry skin?

Yes it is because a tanning bed will further dry your skin. I would ask a dermatologist or the people at the tanning bed you use to recommend the best lotions for your skin type.

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Can men tan nude in tanning bed?

Yes men can tan nude. You do need to becareful of your private area like any other area of you it can burn and believe me it can be painful. Just be sure to start out slowly or you could always take a towel and cover your important parts :)

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Can you go to a tanning bed while pregnant?

My local sunbed has signs suggesting you don't if pregnant - I asked about it and it seems that as your hormones will be all over the shop, you may increase the risk of skin damage as the skin may react differently from normal. Whether this is backed up by science or just conjecture by insurance companies covering themselves, I don't know

AnswerYou need to speak with your doctor about this.There is no point in taking any chance while you are pregnant. AnswerNo. radiation is dangerous for a developing fetus.
Tanning Beds

Can you use outdoor tanning lotion in a tanning bed?

It is not recommended that you use an outdoor tanning lotion in a tanning bed. Several reasons apply. First of all, a lot of outdoor tanning lotions contain oils which can damage acrylics. Second, indoor tanning lotions are specifically designed to put the vitamins and minerals depleted during sun exposure back into your skin, an effort to prevent pre-mature aging and other less than beautiful side effects of tanning. Finally, in order to get optimal results from tanning in a controlled environment than you need to use something designed to quickly activate melanin production - intensifying your ability to tan in a rapid session. Some tanning lotions, most of the Designer Skin line, are designed for use indoors and outdoors. This would be the way to go if you are looking for a lotion that you can use successfully in both settings.

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Tanning Beds

Is it safe to wash bed pillows?

No. In my expirience, I've washed a pillow, and when it came out, it was holding TONS of water. So I rushed it over the sink and drained some. I then put it in the dryer, and it ripped apart. I suggest you don't wash cotton or feaher pillows. Others, I'm not sure about. But still, if you'd like to save your pillows life, just wash it with a wet rag and water, and let it air dry.

Tanning Beds

Should you go to the tanning bed while menstruating?

of course you should because ....

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Tanning Beds

Do tanning beds burn calories and if so how long do you have to go to burn them?

No, you're just laying there. If you want to burn calories you have to be active. The best activities to burn calories: running, raquetball, uphill cycling, swimming and anything that vigorously uses the large muscle groups.


They just burn your skin and make you look a lot older very quick = ). It's really quite simple.

The answer is YES, you burn approximately 53 calories per hour while resting. As for the increased aging process while tanning, I have tanned for well over 25 years & I have silky skin like a baby. Everyone guesses me to be 5 - 10 years younger than I am. The reasons? I have always used very good tanning lotions that are made specifically for indoor tanning (most have anti-aging & special skin emollients for the indoor tanning process & honestly aide in excellent skin care.

After tanning you should use a good liquid shower soap like Bath & Body Works brand, then lotion down your entire body with a good lotion after showering. Bath & Body Works or one of the after tan lotions like Kiss or Angel. If you prefer an unscented lotion try C.O. Bigalow also sold @ Bath & Body Works. C.O. Bigalow is made by Apothecaries that have been in this business since the 1800's & is a top of the line lotion but is priced reasonable. You should also use a good facial cleanser & lotion, I have sensitive skin & L'Oreal products are reasonably priced & excellent for your skin in aiding with moisture & anti-aging.

I used to be a beauty consultant & I know what's good for your skin. You also need the Vitamin D from the sun for good health & also aides in battling depression. Tanning beds also provide this. Yes, with over exposure it is not healthy for anyone. I tan approximately 1-2 times a week, more if I have a special occasion to attend. Sometimes more, sometimes less. You can go 4-6 weeks without tanning & with good skin care; not completely lose your tan & with 2 - 20 minute sessions you can regain most or all of the tan you lost, but you gave your skin a break which is important. Everything has its pros & cons but tanning is good for you as long as you are aware of the safe limits & you take good care of your skin & body.

Beauty starts from the inside so eat healthy, drink a lot of liquids & use a multi-vitamin/mineral supplement & you're good to go. You'll find your immune system improving, your skin & hair to be in better condition & your emotional/mental well being has improved. Family Genes do play a role as well but not as much as you might expect as long as you take good of yourself.

Pregnancy Health and Safety (Prenatal Care)
Tanning Beds

Can going to a tanning booth when you are about 5-6 weeks' pregnant harm your baby?

You should discuss this with your doctor.

Tanning Beds

What is the difference between a level one tanning bed and a level two tanning bed?

go for the newest bulbs levels dont matter if the bulbs have a zillion hours on them

ok the difference between a level one an level two is that the level one has less watts than the level two for example you have to lay in the level one tannin bed for 20 minutes to achieve the tan that you would get in a level 2 an u only have to lay in the level two for 12 minutes instead of two i would recomend starting off with the level one an work my way to the level 2
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How old do you have to be to tan in a tanning bed?

18 in Louisiana

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What is the best tanning lotion that you can use without getting in the tanning bed?

sunshine tan

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How do you Hard wire a 220 tanning bed?

If you need to ask such a question then you don't.
Get an electrician.

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How long should you wait to shower after tanning in the tanning bed?

20-30 minutes. Depending on if you used lotion with tingler or bronzer.

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Can you use the tanning bed after having bypass surgery?


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What is the best tanning bed lotion to use if you have sensitive skin?

There are several options for people with sensitive skin when it comes to tanning. It is very important to ensure that the lotion provides adequate moisture as well as protection. Hawaiian Tropic, Neutrogena, and Coppertone all have lotions specifically designed for sensitive skin.

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How do you wire a 4 wire tanning bed plug into a three wire?

You can not, a new circuit will have to be run from the electrical panel. Tanning beds which require four wire circuits, need a grounded conductor (neutral) that is not available with a three wire circuit.

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Why did you burn so quickly in the tanning bed?

The wavelength in the emitted radiation on a tanning bed are more conducive to burning, in your case, then the wavelengths you would see under the natural lighting of your area. IN a tanning bed you can get tan in 10 min what would take you a hr in the sun... The reason being that the lights are bright and hot and surround you and are very close to you... What is happening while you are tanning is you are literally being cooked from the inside out... so think of a tanning bed as a giant oven. That is why you should not tan for too long or else you can die... I love my tanning bed... If you have one and plan on tanning daily you want to start of with a few min a day then after a few days go up a few more min and so on that way your body gets used to it... If you just go in there after not tanning in a while and tan for lets say 20 - 30 min your more likely to have a sun burn rather than a tan and it is more dangerous as well.

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How To

How to use a tanning bed?

Well you usually dress how you want to (Naked or a bathing suit on). next put on some tanning lotion, usually the kinds for indoor tanning beds, Next get into the bed. Sometimes they just start automatically. Or you have to push the start button. After you are all done with tanning, The bed should shut off automatcally. The get out and get dressed.


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