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Yes. Oklahoma Baptist has a pre-law then you have to go to grad school.


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Go To bovine university go to university and then bovine university

You have to attend law school and take law at university to become a lawyer.

A lawyer would go to Harvard University becasue they have the best law school program. Stanford University

University of Baltimore School of LawUniversity of Maryland

I think the best college to become a lawyer is Harvard university or Princeston. If you need background

In order to become an investment fraud lawyer you need to become a lawyer who then specialises on the said field. In order to work as a lawyer you generally need a university degree in law and - depending on which country you chose to work in - possibly also acceptance into the bar association or a similar guild-like structure of advocates.

High school, then university. Add a lot of committed study, fast forward about 10 to 15 years and you have a lawyer.

You need a Bachelor of Law Degree, this takes four years at university.

university are offered lawyer syariah course

in the usual amount of time, you have to study in university for about 4 years to become a good civil lawyer. To be a great lawyer, people tend to study for 6 years. I have found a woman to have sex with so i will give up my dream on being a civil lawyer.

You have to go to university and maybe go overseas!!! And that will cost a lot!!! Are you rich enough to do so? Hope you may fulfill your wishes in becoming a lawyer!!!

what do you need to become an Entertainment Lawyer? what do you need to become an Entertainment Lawyer?

Eastern Michigan University - EMU Michigan State University - MSU (Cooley Law School) University of Michigan (U of M)

René Descartes earned a Baccalauréat and Licence in lawin 1616 at the University of Poitiers. It was his father's wish that he should become a lawyer.

You just need to have a Law degree from a recognized university. But for being a best lawyer you must have higher law degree and good practice and experience.

You need to complete a four year Bachelor Degree Program at an University. From there you need to pass the your state's Bar Exam to become a legal lawyer.

You don't have to take civics to become a lawyer.

What class do i suppose take to become a lawyer?

18 you have to be at least 18 2 become a lawyer

Under rules of the Oklahoma Board of Bar Examiners, you must complete 120 credit hours in the pursuit of your bachelor¢‚¾‚_s degree. These credit hours may be in any field or discipline that you choose.

You must be at least 18 years old to become a lawyer.

you need to know to become a lawyer is reading and writing.

Either gender can become a lawyer.

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