Can you grow a tree from a stump?

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Yes you can grow a tree from a stump but it would take more or just exactly a decade.
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How do you get rid of a tree stump?

There are numerous ways to remove a tree stump. 1..Dig it up 2..Use a stump grinder 3..use a chemical called stump rot 4..Drill several large holes in the stump and Soak stu

How make a tree stump rot?

It can take a long time to make a tree stump rot. You can usebleach or a plant killer to try and kill the root. The best betwould be to have it dug up.

What do I use for tree stump removal?

Best to call a professional arborist ro tree surgeon in the area of the stump. They will most likely recommend removal with a stump grinder. Get them to quote a price for grin

Can a maple tree grow back from a stump when cut?

Absolutely! Our maple (about 30 yrs old) was removed recently because it was the roots were pushing up the shed, but it was otherwise healthy... Unfortunately, we lef

How to remove a tree stump?

As kids we'd dig a ditch around the stump and break the roots with a grubbing axe until it could be rocked free. Now I'd use a stump grinder instead. If the stump isn't
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Will a tree grow in the same place where one has removed and the stump ground?

Yes, depending on the depth at which the stump was ground. Most times the stumps are only ground just below the surface, so test the depth before buying your new tree. You may
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Why the tree stump continue to grow after the tree being chopped?

Because the top is only part of the tree. The rest of the tree, like an iceburg, is out of sight under ground. The roots supply the top of the tree with water. The leaves in t