Can you grow a tree from a stump?

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Yes you can grow a tree from a stump but it would take more or just exactly a decade.
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How do you kill mimosa tree stumps?

Answer . Make several downward cuts with a knife into the bark. Then pour concentrated roundup into the holes. If/when you see shoots growing, repeat the process in the new shoots. It may take a couple applications but that will kill the roots of the tree.

Why do trees grow?

Because they are living things and all living things grow. Trees must grow taller to better access sunlight, especially if there are other trees or anything else nearby that would cast shade on them. As the tree grows taller, it also has to grow wider to prevent being blown over by the wind. Below g ( Full Answer )

How do trees grow?

Most tree seeds take root where they fall to the ground. Some are "planted" by squirrels or birds which collect them for food. Humans plant a tiny fraction of trees. Tree growth occurs as trees pull water and nutrients from the soil. Curiously, most of the tree's mass actually comes from carbon b ( Full Answer )

How do you grow a tree?

plant it in the winter, and let it dry out like any other plant and it will grow, grow, grow! BUT, growing trees can be hard. and also very dificult to throw at people.

How do you remove palm tree stump?

\n. \nPalm tree stumps are difficult to remove. They have thousands of little roots all the way around the stump, even underneath the stump. These little roots are a major pain because you are digging through them during the entire job.

How do you get rid of a tree stump?

There are numerous ways to remove a tree stump. 1..Dig it up 2..Use a stump grinder 3..use a chemical called stump rot 4..Drill several large holes in the stump and Soak stump repeatedly in kerosene and burn it.. 5..Pull the stump by using a chain and a tractor/truck 6..Drill and place explosives ( Full Answer )

How can a tree grow?

By planting a seed and watering it.. Trees increase in height by building new cells from the apical meristem at the top of the tree. The trunk expands in diameter by producing new cells around the circumference from the vascular cambium, which produces xylem and phloem to transport food and water, ( Full Answer )

How does a tree grow?

Seeds and Grafting . Some trees grow from seeds, such as evergreen trees. Other trees need to be grafted, such as is the case for most fruit trees. Grafting is when the part of a stem containing the leaf buds is taken from a fruit tree of one species and attached to the trunk of an established ( Full Answer )

What is a stump?

A stump is the remains of something which has been cut off,particularly a tree. It is also a term for one fo the wooden postswhich make the wickets in a game of cricket.

How make a tree stump rot?

It can take a long time to make a tree stump rot. You can usebleach or a plant killer to try and kill the root. The best betwould be to have it dug up.

How do you kill a tree stumps with copper nails?

you'd actuallly have to buy long pure copper nail and not (plated) and hammer in the roots, the longer the nail is the deeper it reacher the roots, eventually the tree will get sick and die

What do I use for tree stump removal?

Best to call a professional arborist ro tree surgeon in the area of the stump. They will most likely recommend removal with a stump grinder. Get them to quote a price for grinding, chip removal and filling the hole. Ask for individual cost for all three. A large local landscape contractor is another ( Full Answer )

Can rock salt kill a tree stump?

Rock salt is sometimes used to kill a tree stump. You can mix thesalt with water and pour it into the tree stump.

Where do trees grow?

Trees grow everywhere except for the oceanic and arctic regions. They sometimes will not live in deserts, depending on the desert climate.

Can you kiss a tree and then the tree will grow?

Yes. Trees that have never been kissed also grow just fine. It is doubtful occulations improve silviculture, though care should be taken in any test the subject does not breathe on the tree, as the added CO2 may yield a slight benefit, skewing results.

Can a maple tree grow back from a stump when cut?

Absolutely! Our maple (about 30 yrs old) was removed recently because it was the roots were pushing up the shed, but it was otherwise healthy... Unfortunately, we left the stump and it's continuing to put its energy into expanding it's root structure and lots of shoots... If you don' ( Full Answer )

Can a stump grinder cut through tree roots?

A stump grinder will not only cut through tree roots but remove all exposed ones too. Stump grinding and tree stump removal using a stump grinder should only be done by professionals as the machines used are highly dangerous.

How to remove large tree stump by chainsaw?

dig it out to ground level and hose it down to remove as much dirt as possible. use your saw and resharpen often (youll need to). sever all roots surrounding the stump and if theres no tap root, you can saw it free from the ground and haul it away or saw it into sections easier.

What are the meanings of tree stump rings annd lines?

The rings on a tree represent the age. Each year the tree grows and so it makes a ring inside the trunk. If it was a good year for rainfall and sunlight then the tree makes a thick line and if it was a bad year like a drought then it grows little and the ring is small and thin.

Where do trees grow from?

It grows from the soil. Trees increase in height by building new cells from the apical meristem at the top of the tree. The trunk expands in diameter by producing new cells around the circumference from the vascular cambium, which produces xylem and phloem to transport food and water, and the cork ( Full Answer )

How to remove a tree stump?

As kids we'd dig a ditch around the stump and break the roots with a grubbing axe until it could be rocked free. Now I'd use a stump grinder instead. If the stump isn't too large and you have left enough of the trunk you may be able to pull it out with a truck. A JCB can dig them out no troubl ( Full Answer )

Would salt and water kill a tree stump?

No it would not, your best bet would be to have a stump removal specialist come and do it for you. If you know about fungi then use oyster mushrooms to decompose the stump, this way is slow and takes about a year but you get fresh oyster mushrooms to eat every rain. You can burn the stump depending ( Full Answer )

Does the hickory tree grow on a tree?

This is a common myth, the hickory tree actually grows on the hyptheom vine which is commonly used as fertilizer and also a main ingredient in meth labs.

Is a tree stump living?

No a tree stump is not living. It is a once living plant and the end of the life cycle of a tree.

Can you uproot a tree stump with an AK-47?

The AK is like a Swiss army knife, it can do just about anything! Though Ive never tried it I think you could uproot a tree stump tith one!

Can a tree grow within a tree?

I assume the asker is referring to normal trees other than parasitic species that actively target established trees.....but the answer is.....YES. If a seed (whether dispersed by wind, bird or animal) finds a suitable place to germinate it will attempt to grow. Often a cavity in a tree or a suitable ( Full Answer )

How do you remove a palm tree stump with fire?

Palms have very moist wood. If the wood isn't dry, your stump won't burn. There are chemicals you can buy that, after boring holes into the stump, you pour into the stump and it provides oxygen to make the stump burn hotter. You let it dry for a month or so and pour in some kerosene or diesel fue ( Full Answer )

What product can you use for Tree Stump Removal?

You can use a small shovel to remove small tree stumps but if it is a big one, I recommend that you call a company for help because it can be hard and dangerous.

Can you complete a tree stump removal myself?

To manually remove a tree stump, you will need a good, heavy digging spade. Another tool you will need is a landscape bar, also known as an all purpose utility bar.

Can a tree grow in you?

No, a tree would need sunlight. Sunlight wouldn't get past your throught. No a tr

What kind of acid will dissolve a tree stump?

Drill holes in it and fill them with potassium nitrate soak it in and let it stay for a few months it will rot out. If you don't want to mess with potassium nitrate get a jar of stump remover, it's potassium nitrate. As with the above answer, drill one long hole into the top of the stump. Use a l ( Full Answer )

How do you decorate a tree stump in the front yard?

Depending on the height of the stump, you can have it carved into a wood sculpture masterpiece! I found a few stump carvers in our area. Another option would be to turn it into a natural wooden bench. Clever. Lastly, place a birdfeeder on top. If it's an eyesore, you'll draw beautiful birds to your ( Full Answer )

Do tree roots die after you remove the stump?

Usually, if there is no source of sunlight, they will die. Sometimes there is enough stored food in the roots that they can force a shoot up to the sunlight and regrow. Without access to sunlight, they will eventually rot away.

Why the tree stump continue to grow after the tree being chopped?

Because the top is only part of the tree. The rest of the tree, like an iceburg, is out of sight under ground. The roots supply the top of the tree with water. The leaves in the top of the tree convert light and water into the energy the tree needs to survive. So the tree tries to live on after t ( Full Answer )

Which companies offer tree stump removal?

Most stump removal companies operate in a local area so without knowing a location it is difficult to list companies that provide this service effectively. Most landscape companies do stump removals. Home Depot rent tools that be used to remove stumps and they may be able to remove a stump though th ( Full Answer )