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Can you grow carrots from carrot tops?

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1. Cut a carrot 2 inches below its leaves. You can also use the full carrot.

2. In a pot, fill 2/3 with the pebbles, add the carrot, then fill around the carrot, making sure the carrot tip is exposed.

3. Add enough water to the level of the pebbles. Maintain water level at all times.

4. After the roots are exposed and the top leaves have grown, transfer to the soil. Dig a hole long enough to fit the full carrot of carrot piece. Keep the tip above the soil.

5. Water as necessary; In 3-6 weeks, you should have new carrots.

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Can chickens eat carrot tops?

Yes, chickens can indeed eat the tops of carrots. Carrots and carrot tops are not toxic to this animal and can be safely consumed.

How carrot grows?

carrots grow by planting seeds and then they grow

Do carrots grow out of the ground?

The carrots that we eat are the roots of the carrot plant and grow under the ground. Yes.

Can a ginea pig eat carrot tops?

They probably could but I usually cut the tops off carrots for my guinea pigs.

How many days does it take carrots to germinate?

how many days it take to germinate carrot leaves in water using carrot tops

How many carrots grow from a seed?

One carrot will grow from one seed.

Do rabbits eat carrot tops?

Yes, rabbits do eat carrot tops. Many rabbits LOVE carrot tops. Carrot tops are very healthy for rabbits and can be included in the rotation of daily "salad" greens. Carrots themselves, though, are high in sugar and starches and should be considered a treat and strictly limited. Too many carrots or any treat can lead to illness. See the related questions below for more info and helpful links.

Which type of plant does carrot grow?

Carrots are root vegetables

How much space does a carrot need to grow?

carrots need about 5 inches to grow

Is a carrot from America?

We grow carrots in America, but the wild ancestors of the carrot are likely to have come from Iran or Afghanistan.

How do you breed a purple carrot?

Grow the carrots next to purple cabage

Carrot grows from which part of the plant?

Carrots grow from the root of the plant.

Can a little rabbit eat up to 500 carrots a day?

No. No one rabbit of any size can eat 500 carrots a day. PS- what rabbits REALLY like is not the carrot, but the green tops of the carrot plant.

Do carrots grow underground?

The carrot has a fleshy root, often orange coloured, that is underground. this is the part you eat. The top of the carrot is a stalk and green leafy part that grows above the ground.

Why are the tops of your carrots red?

when the carrot comes out of the garden it gets smaller at the tip so it turns to the closest color to it

What type of soil do carrots grow better in?

Sandy soil helps carrots to grow, but they should also be covered with netting to prevent carrot fly

Is a carrot a decomposer producer or consumer?

A carrot is a vegetable that most humans like to eat. We are the consumer of carrots, and as we grow carrots, we are the producer. As to decomposer, any carrots we throw on the compost heap is there to be decomposed.

What foods can you grow to feed rabbits?

parsley, cilantro, carrots (green tops can be fed without too much of the carrot attached), dill, mint, broccoli, basil, dark green leaf lettuce

How many carrots can a baby bunny have?

A 'baby' bunny should not have any carrots. At 5 or 6 months you can start giving carrots as treats this is after their system has gotten strong enough to have treats. As for how many??? 1/4 to 1/3 of a normal sized carrot or 2 baby carrots. Rabbits really prefer carrot tops to carrots though.

Is a carrot a crop?

Yes. A crop is just something you grow and harvest, which happens to carrots.

Does carrots grow from roots?

The part of the carrot that you eat grows in the ground, usually with the wide end of the carrot just at the surface of the soil and the Carrot is not a fruit, so there are no seeds inside or on the carrot.

Do carrots make your hair curly?

Carrots are not known to make your hair curly, but they do add thickness to hair and makes it grow faster. Eating one carrot a day or drinking carrot juice will help your hair grow healthy and strong.

Why do carrots have green tops?

Because a carrot is a root so the green top is actually the plant on top. What you eat is the root that was underground.

What are bunches of carrots called?

Well, there you have it in the question. If you pick a batch of carrots, it is called a bunch. Honest! And you can eat every bit of the carrot - root and tops. With modern cultivars, carrots come in a wealth of different shapes, lengths and colors.

How does one get rid of a surfeit of carrots?

Excess carrots can be pickled, dried, canned or frozen for preservation. Grated carrot mixed with honey is touted as an effective facial masque, and some floral designers showcase both the carrot and its green leafy tops in their designs.

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