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No. Getting your tubes tied means you are no longer releasing eggs each month. No egg = no pregnancy.

Your body still releases eggs it's just that having your tubes tied blocks the sperm from connecting with the egg. I have heard of many women getting pregnant after their tubes have been tied.

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I want to know if mass health will cover getting your tubes untied? I have had my tubes tied for 7 years and I`m thinking about having another baby, so after all these years having my tubes tied would I still be able to have a baby if I get them untied?

Go back to the doctor and reverse the procedure, but it is not 100% that it will work. I know a gal who had her tubes tied when she had her 3rd child. Nine months after the baby is born she dies in her crib after throwing up. Of course, her mom wanted another baby and went back in to have her tubes untied. It didn't work.

ist been about 7 years that i have had my tubes tied. can i still get pregnanet at any time still?

can you have pain in the ovary after you have had your tubes tied

No Because You Wont ave Enough Tubes To Have The Support For Your Baby.

No, not ususally. There Is Some cases when you get your tubes tied an it doesn't work. but my mom got her tubes tied and there are no problems.

If your tubes are tied you are NOT pregnant, but you WILL have a period.

Ok think about it your tubs are tied iam not sure if you can get them untied but while your tubes are tied i highly doubt you can have another baby. cause getting your tubes tied prevents you from haveing another one. but remember you can always pray

NO! Any procedure that needs to be done has to wait until after the baby is born.

If your fallopian tubes were cut and tied, there is no way you can get pregnant. If you experienced an ectopic pregnancy and did not have your tubes tied again, there is the possibility that you could again get pregnant.

No. When your tubes are tied, your body stop eggs from dropping down into your uterus from your fallopian tubes. When an egg is in the uterus it can be fertilized by a sperm and make a baby. Having your tubes ties is 100% effective contraception, But i am pretty sure its reversible if you later decide you want kids.

Can you have a miscarriage even though your tubes are tied?

Getting an IUD is not common if your tubes are tied.

can you take clomid while your tubes tied

You shouldn't be able to get pregnant is correct, but that answer is only if you live in a perfect world. I know that I have had a child and a miscarriage after my tubes were tied. There is no guaranty when the tubes are tied.

If a woman has had her tubes tied, cut, and burned it is unlikely that she can have another child. Her body has been excessively shut off from that function.

If your tubes have been tied - and the operation has been a success - you cannot get pregnant !Of course sometimes the operation is believed to have been a success only to find out - whoops! not quite (with a baby as a surprise)

yes you can be pregnant with tubes tied but after a surgery called tubal reversal

No. It's impossible to concieve after a woman's tubes are tied. It is simply a matter of not reaching the egg from the uterus. That woman will NEVER concieve again.

Tubes clipped - Fallopian tubes are clipped and it is reversible. Tubes cauterized (burned) - Tubes are burned (not reversible). Tubes tied - Doctors don't do this procedure that often, but it is what it is, your fallopian tubes are tied. (reversible but with difficulty and lower success rate)

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