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Can you have a bun recipe?


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June 18, 2009 1:47PM

This is realy nice and easy! ❀ Ingredients ❀ 1 cup of self raising flour 1 cup of butter & extra for linning the tin 1 cup of caster suger 1 meduim egg 1/2 teaspoon vinella essence 1 flat teaspoon baking powder And you might need some water ❀ Equipment ❀ Mixing spoon Cup for measuring Teaspoon for measuring Baking Tin Bun cases Sieve Large bowl Table spoon ❀ Method ❀ ✶ Pre-Heat oven to 190〫Celsuis / 374〫 Faherenheit / 463〫Kelvin ✶ Sieve flour and add to the bowl. Add the1 cup of butter and mix. Next, add the suger and the egg. Mix throughly until combined. Add milk or water to the mixture. Mix all ingredients together until the mixture is combined. Add about a tablespoon of this mixture into bun cases and then place onto a baking tray. Use an oven glove and place into the oven until cooked. You can test after about 15 minutes by sticking a knife into one of them gently and then remove after about 2 seconds. If there is still sticky mixture on the knife, Leave them for another fre miutes and check again. If the knife is clean when removed from the bun, There ready. Using an oven glove, remove and place on a cooling wrack until cool. You can add icing, chocolate of just leave them. Enjoy!