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Well, it really depends on what kind of kitten and the age. You see as the kitten gets older it develops instincts and hunting skills for small creatures such as guinea pigs,hamsters,gerbils,mice and more! If I were you I wouldn't risk it because all kittens develop these skills at different ages!

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Can you bathe a guinea pig with cat shampoo?

Yes. Use a kitten shampoo.

Do guinea pigs like warmth?

yes, just like a kitten or a puppy a guinea pig likes warmth

What are some things to do with your guinea pig?

theres loads of things you can do with your guinea pig. you can handle it, or buy a special guinea pig lead and take your guinea pig for a walk around the garden, you can build and obstacle course for your guinea pig!

Do kittens eat baby guinea pigs?

Depends on the size of kitten and guinea pig. I don't think it happens too often.

Should I get a kitten or a guinea pig?

a kitten there more loveable and affecshonit also you can teach them tricks and they always want some one to play with

What are all of the breeds of guinea pig?

American Guinea PigAbyssinian Guinea PigSkinny PigSilkie Guinea PigPeruvian Guinea PigTeddy Guinea PigTexel Guinea Pig

What does it mean if a guinea pig licks you?

It means that the Guinea Pig is very fond of you and they are very comfortable around you.

How do you know if your guinea pig misses the other guinea pig?

You might see the guinea pig look around the cage and call for it. Whenever I take my guinea pigs apart the one that's still in the cage looks all around the cage and if he doesn't see the other guinea pig he starts squeaking.

What does it mean when your guinea pig is running around and jumping?

It means that your guinea pig is either exited or nervous. That's what happened to my guinea pig (I'm nine years old!!!)

Can you get a guinea pig from a friend?

Yes you can get a guinea pig from a friend. Make sure the guinea pig is healthy first. To See if a guinea pig is healthy you look at its eyes and nose make sure there is no goop around the nose or eyes. ♥

How can you tell if a guinea pig has ringworm?

if a guinea pig or any other animal has ring worm, it will have a bald spot and it will be red, itchy and will make your guinea pig really sick, so if your guinea pig has ring worm take it to the vet NOW! thanks savannah/ guinea pig and rabbit expert The bald spot will be around the back of both ears and around their eyes

Can a guinea pig share a cage with another guinea pig it doesn't even no?

Yes, i bought one Guinea pig and added another around the same time, and they get along great.

How do male guinea pigs act around female guinea pig?

Like guinea pigs.

Why does your guinea pig always getting white stuff around her eye?

I don't have a guinea pig but probably because of its fur.

What kind of animal is a guinea pig?

A guinea pig is a rodent. Remember that a guinea pig is not related to a pig.

What does a boy guinea pig and a girl guinea pig look like?

A guinea pig

Can a guinea pig get pregnant with out a boy guinea pig?

No, a male guinea pig is required.

Why does your guinea pig squeal like a pig?

Our guinea pig squeals if we are around and he is short on food. I think it is his way of letting us know he wants food?

How do you speak guinea pig to your guinea pig?

there is no guinea pig talk just talk softly to your guinea pig so it doesn't get frightened.

Can you house a hairless guinea pig with a normal guinea pig?

yes if the hairless guinea pig has no illness SO run your guinea pig down the vets to see. NO IF THE HAIRLESS GUINEA PIG HAS A ILLNES

Do guinea pigs like the outdoors?

You should let your guinea pig run around outside when its warm in a guinea pig run. you can buy these from pet stores. My guinea pigs love to have a good run around and eat grass outside.

What is the phenotype of a black guinea pig and a white guinea pig?

The phenotype of the black guinea pig is black, and the pheno type of the white guinea pig is white.

Is there somthing that you could use to play with your guinea pig that will let them have fun but not break out because you are allergic to guinea pigs?

If you are allergic to guinea pigs, you should never ever be near them, because if a sick person is around a guinea pig then that little guinea pig can get very sick.

How do you get your guinea pig in a guinea pig show?

go into 4h and they do guinea pig showing for all ages

What is the best age to buy a guinea pig?

The most lively age for a Guinea Pig is around 8 months to 4 years old.

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