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Yes. when they first start many girls have a period without ovulating and may also ovulate without having a period. Also when approaching menopause the same occurs. Some women do not seem to ovulate all the time during the intervening years also but they would probably have irregular periods.

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Q: Can you have a period without ovulation?
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Can you get pregnate if you never had a period?

Yes, you are able to get pregnant even if you have never had a period. This is because ovulation can occur without a period occurring.

What is ovulation period?

Ovulation period is when an egg is released from the ovary in a menstrual cycle.

Does ovulation occur before or after your period?

ovulation occurs 14 days before your period

If your period is late does that change your ovulation date?

Your period follows ovulation not the other way round so if your period has come late your ovulation was about 14 days beforehand.

Is ovulation a period?


If you don't ovulate will it make your period late?

If you do not ovulate you will not have a period at all hun. Ovulation can delay your period if Ovulation was late.

When is the ovulation period?

If your period is regular count fourteen days from the first day you strarted your period on this day you start ovulation.

What is the process of the ovum being released from the ovary?

Ovulation is very important period of the menstrual cycle. Without ovulation women cannot get pregnant and without knowing very well about your ovulation, you can get pregnant unexpectedly and face a problem with unplanned and unwanted pregnancy. Discover all details of ovulation in recommended related link below.

Ovulation coinside with period?

No. In a normal cycle, ovulation occurs 12 to 16 days before the period.

When do ovulation start?

Ovulation takes place 2 weeks after the period.

When does ovulation occurs?

ovulation occurs about 14 days after menstruation. (your period)

What considered as the ovulation period for regular menstrual cycle?

menstruation or ovulation

What can cause your period to start on your ovulation day?

Nothing. Your period starts a fixed 14 days after your ovulation day.

Does ovulation occur every month you have a period?

Not necessarily. You could get your period without having ovulated because the body starts to build up the endometrial layer before ovulation occurs, meaning it still has to shed the layer at some point.

How will you know your ovulation period?

== == the best way to know it's to get a test for ovulation and do it every day after your period in the same time

On what day is ovulation likely to occur?

Ovulation occur 14 days after your period.

Can you still have your period even though your infirtil?

I think you can. Its possible to have a period without ovulation.. or so I've read on quite a few questions similar to this one.

Discharge after ovulation?

That would be your period.

When does ovulation period happen?


How many days before periods does you know that U are pragnent?

Seven Days after Ovulation period Seven Days after Ovulation period

I get period 6.4.2012 when is my ovulation day?

you can expect ovulation 11- 15 day after you period started.If you have regular cycles your ovulation will hapens 20.4.2012.For more acurate resulate yuo must use a ovulation predictory kit.With this kit you will predict 24 before ovulation will occour.

What is higher of getting pregnant before period or after?

Day 1 of your cycle is the day you start your period, followed by ovulation. About 14 days after ovulation you will have your next period if you are not pregnant, beginning the cycle over again. Ovulation is the phase of the cycle when pregnancy can occur and this comes after your period.

Is ovulation possible without a period If so how?

This is a tricky question to answer because your period can only come after you have ovulated. So, if you have not been having your period and are not pregnant then you are not ovulating. BUT ovulation could start at any time, with a period following two weeks later. For example, some women do not ovulate (thus stop getting periods) when they are stressed. When the stress lessens the body may then allow them to ovulate, and they will get a period. If you ovulate and do not get pregnant then you must get your period, however you can also get your period without having ovulated.

Are you fertile from the day of ovulation until your period?

No, you are actually fertile from about 3 days before ovulation until ovulation day, after that you are no longer fertile, the longest time period for fertility is about a week ~pawsalmighty

Can you get preganent while your on your period?

yes, it is very possible, you are just as able to get pregnant when on your period as you are before and after ovulation! (you are more likely during ovulation)