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Can you have a router without a broadband?


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Ofc can u have a router without broadband but you just wont get any connection, so if you want a connection too, then you'll need broadband yes.

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Can A Broadband router sometimes be used as a firewall?

A g broadband router is used for receiving a network connection. In addition, after receiving the connection, the router gives off wireless connection to other devices.

A broadband router is similar to a wireless router, except that it lacks the ability to transmit and receive wireless signals. One example of a broadband router can be seen with early cable modems that allowed Internet access only to devices that were directly plugged into the unit with an Ethernet line. The primary purpose of a broadband router is to intercept traffic from the Internet and transmit relevant information packages to a computer or device for processing.

Sure, just connect your RJ-45 ethernet cable directly into your broadband modem.

The average price of a broadband wireless router really depends on the brand, the speed, the power, and the features that this particular wireless router has to offer, so probably around $50.

A router allows multiple devices to connect to a broadband internet connection

a wireless broadband just receives and send to yo PC/Laptop u can buy a router just to extend the services to other computers

A broadband router combines the features of a traditional network switch, a firewall, and a DHCP server. A good brand is Cisco, Belkin, Netgear or Linksys.

A broadband router modem is a device used to help connect a computer to the internet. You can buy it from a store or a service provider and connect the Ethernet cable to your computer.

It provides network connection for wireless clients.

Cable/phoneline---->Cable/Dsl Modem---->Wireless Broadband router

No it must be a broadband router and can not connect to the PS3 USB plug

You need to buy an adsl router. Connect your modem to the router then connect your two computers using rj45 (ethernet) cables or usb. Some routers need to be a modem router which renders your broadband router useless. Some broadband companies require you to register every PC used on the network sharing the internet. And sometimes you can get a wireless router but it takes a while to install.

form_title= Broadband Internet Router form_header= Save space with an internet router! Do you need the router installed by professionals?*= () Yes () No () Not Sure How many computers will be using the internet?* {10, 20, 30, 40, 50, More than 50} Are you currently connected to the internet?*= () Yes () No () Not Sure

Best Buy, Google, and Amazon are just a few places you could buy an ASDL router. An ASDL router is a device that combines a wireless router and a broadband modem.

Any store which sells electronics.

Any broadband should be fine, you don't need a special ps3 broadband. You can connect wirelessly via the inbuilt wifi or with an ethernet cable to a router.

You can get broadband internet connections from Internet Service Providers such as Virgin, BT, Sky, Talk Talk, and Tiscali. These ISPs provide you with a router and a modem. The modem is connected to the phone line, then the router connects to the modem.

You can find help with your broadband problems by contacting your provider where you have bought your internet with. You can also check the website and manual from your router.

The most basic difference between broadband and wifi is that the broadband must be connected while wifi is wireless. Some broadbands could be wireless as well but they most then be connected by a router.

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