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Sure you can. How about a personal example. I'm an older man married to a woman 20 years my junior (no, it didn't result from some mid-life crisis and there was no other wife to leave behind) and she loathes exercise. I was raised by women and, therefore, feel quite comfortable in the company of women. It's a quality of conversation thing and you can talk about a lot more things at depth with a woman including feelings that is untouchable with men friends. I love to walk and am doing so as part of my plan to drop a few pounds. I'm doing this alone, and would like to have a woman with whom to walk--just walk. Okay, maybe an infrequent Starbucks after; just not intimacy and sex. You need to judge the, 'safe,' issue based on whether you have feelings, even minor tingles, toward the man or him toward. Yes, you can both ignore these feelings and persuade yourselves that you can keep it to friendship; you just won't likely be able to do it. So, the answer is contained inside why you're considering it. Oh, and if you decide against this, you can always join me for a walk :-)

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Q: Can you have a safe friendship with a married man with a married man?
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How can a gay man get a friend who is straight and married?

That gay man should move on other ventures. The only thing he would accomplish is to alientate his friend and lose that friendship.

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How do you know when a married man wants more than friendship?

He will seem to always being touching you when the two of you are together and will start flirting a lot.

Is this married man attracted to you a married woman?

Yes. If both feel dissatisfied in their marital life. However, the married man is easier to be attracted if the woman is sexy and would provide a safe sexual relationship not easily detected.

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Do you think if you find out how this man felt it will change anything?, I think not. The damage is been done and for this two people that used to be good friends, this married man betrayed that friendship for his own selfishness and his own needs. The married man is not concern and worried but one thing that you probably find out, he will not suffer or loose a sleep for what he did.

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Would a fifty-ish woman consider a platonic friendship with an older man if he is married Why?

People can be friends if they share common interests and enjoy each other's company, married or not. If she wants to be your friend she will. Age or marital status shouldn't matter.

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