Can you have a stomach ache and headache at the same time?

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How do you get rid of a stomach ache?

Though it may feel like you don't want to eat anything, try eating saltine crackers. They always help me to get rid of a stomach ache. Also, lie on your back and relax for a little while. Rub your stomach up and down. Sometimes it works. DO NOT EAT OR DRINK ANY DAIRY PRODUCTS. IT WILL ONLY MAKE IT ( Full Answer )

Your throat hurts stomach ache headache chills muscles ache symptoms of pink eye.. what could this be?

Those are common symptoms of influenza. The symptoms of pink eye (conjunctivitis) are not common, however, as with the common cold your eyes can become runny, itchy and irritated which can cause the eyes to look a little pink, but not as severe as pink eye. This would be likely what your symptoms in ( Full Answer )

Tooth ache headache?

Could you explain a little? But maybe this will help, I've had severe tooth ache for a while now, and it gets so bad it gives me a head ache , pain behind my eyes and in my tempel.. this is what im experiencing right now is killing me, i dont know if i have to go to the dentist or not. my pain is o ( Full Answer )

What causes dizziness headaches stomach aches nausea tiredness?

No member of this site can diagnose illness or conditions of a complete stranger. Nor should we. Advice at best can only be general and at worst may be detrimental. If you are concerned about any such a problem then you should see a doctor.

What can you do for a stomach ache?

The best way to cure a stomach ache is to lay down on your stomach for a while. This may not help, and if it doesn't, see if you have to use the bathroom or throw up. If you can't do it, try to take medicine. The best stomach curer is Pepto Bismol. It is found in Rite Aid. It WILL cure your stomach. ( Full Answer )

How do you cure a stomach ache at school?

The better way to do it is to go to the nurse or call your mom or if you want go to the bathroom if you fell you going to throw up if it just a tummy ache relax and drink a little of water and if it still hurts don't eat nothing at lunch but if you already did then that may be the cause

What do you do when you have stomach ache?

You can sit in a warm bath or set a warm water bottle on it. Take a teaspoon of honey in your mouth, roll it with your tongue followed with a glass on warm water will heip to ease the pain in 5 minutes.

What should you do if you have a stomach ache?

It would depend firstly on how long you think you have had it. Was it after you ate something? If so, you may just need to let it pass through you and it might stop. If you overate, then you will have to do the same thing, but if the problem has been going for longer than a day and it feels as thoug ( Full Answer )

Im 13 and you often get a headache or a stomach ache?

Do you eat regularly ? breakfast, lunch and dinner ? Headache and stomach ache sometimes occurs when you simply are hungry. But if you have them too often tell your parent s about it.

How do you get rid of a headache a back pain and a stomach ache?

To get rid of a headache,you must get a 15 minute nap with your head on a soft pillow/cushion,and also drink water,apple juice orange juice,etc,something healthy to drink.and after your nap just keep your head on the pillow for about 5 mins.for back pain,you must get some lotion(anykind)and let some ( Full Answer )

Right face aches and frontal headache?

If a person's face and head are hurting, it is likely that theyhave a sinus infection. However, just to be on the safe side, it isa good idea to see a physician who can confirm the diagnosis andprescribe treatments.

How to get rid of stomach ache?

my 15yr old son has a stomach ache and said he has been using the bathroom properly but he is in alot of pain.

If stomach ache can kill?

Nobody not even one person in this world ever died from a stomach ache but it feels like it though.

If you have a bad stomach ache what do you have?

if the stomach ache is in the abdominal area then u could just be having period pains or just about to start one. it could also be food poisoning, eating too much or even eating too little.

What will you do if stomach is aching?

Well what i have done is if you are having frequent stomach aches you go to the doctor he might prescribe you some pills mine did it helps ALOT!!!! or if there not frequent then take a nice warm bath take some gas x then sit for a minute or two then you should start pooping i just got over a stomach ( Full Answer )

How can you help a stomach ache?

Well there are various medications... Carafate(prescription) Gavescon Malox those are the ones that work the best but you can also try stuff like rolaids or tums

How do you go to bed with stomach ache?

Take a paracetomel! If that don't help then try and go to the toilet! Or you could get a hot water bottle and hold it on your stomach. If none of them work then you'll have to grin and bare it.

What does it mean if you have a constant stomach ache?

It could potentially mean lots of things. It could just have been that your body is reacting strangely to something you ate. If the pain last for more than two or three days its probably something more serious. This type of abdominal pain could easily be caused by organs being inflamed (intestine, a ( Full Answer )

What is good to eat when you have a stomach ache?

Normally I drink Coke, it really works for me, and i have chicken noodle soup and toast.... some say ginger ale is good too, well thats because it is, but coke works better for me.

Why does your Stomach Ache after drinking water?

Drinking water that is very cold can make you stomach ache, or even drinking too much water, try sipping a little water slowly during the day that way there should not be any problems.

How do you get a stomach ache to go away?

Eat fruits and vegtables, don't eat before you go to bed, don't over eat. For breakfast have cereal or plain toast. For lunch a buttered sandwich. For dinner fruits and toast

What should you eat when you have a stomach ache?

You can buy charcoal pills which are efficacious in the treatment of upset stomach. Also try so saltine crackers the salt will help your stomach calm down and drink plenty of water

What does it mean when you have headaches and body aches?

The symptoms headache and body aches are non-specific and can be related to many diseases and disorders. The most common is the flu. If you suspect an illness, consider seeking the help of a qualified physician for diagnosis and treatment.

Why do I have a headache at the same time each day?

That's a question that you're in the best position to answer. Start keeping a headache diary. Headaches at the same time dailiy could be triggered by eating patterns/blood sugar fluctuations, environmental triggers like perfume or fluorescent lights, or stress, among other things. Consider whether y ( Full Answer )

What can you do if you have stomach ache?

Drink a light soda ex:( Sprite or 7 Up) and don't over-do things or you could get sick and throw up. Relax and take it easy for a while. Tums might help as well.

Why do i keep getting a stomach ache after i eat all the time?

this happens to me all the time ,sometimes when you eatgreasy, dairy or food that have a lot of sugar it could upset yourstomach when this happens try laying down on a flat surface andstretch out you stomach it might hurt for about 10 seconds but itwill help and you'll be a lot better or if it doesn ( Full Answer )

Does beetroot give you stomach ache?

For some people it does, some it doesn't. Raw or undercooked beet, or in large quantities, makes it more likely.

How can you cure a puppy's stomach ache?

Curing a stomach ache in a puppy is harder than avoiding one to begin with. Rest, limiting water intake, and bland foods such as rice or steamed ground beef can be helpful. Avoid feeding table scraps and fatty foods to puppies as this can create gastic pain. Also, be sure to have the puppy examin ( Full Answer )

How do you relieve physical symptoms after a bad or traumatic experience ex headache dizziness stomach aches etc?

It depends on which symptoms you need help with. The short-termsymptoms will generally subside on their own as long as no newtrauma is experienced. Our natural coping mechanisms will seek tobalance out our body and mind over the course of about three days.If it lasts longer than that then see your p ( Full Answer )

What causes you to get a severe headache every night at the same time?

Cluster headaches are occasionally referred to as "alarm clock headaches" because of their ability to wake a person from sleep and because of the regularity of their timing: both the individual attacks and the clusters themselves can have a metronomic regularity; attacks striking at a precise time o ( Full Answer )

Is it just a normal stomach ache I have a bad stomach ache nearly all the time and some unpleasent times on the toilet it has been like this for a couple of weeks?

Usually anything that upsets the stomach has to do with what you eat. It could be possible that you are sensitive to certain foods like dairy or gluten but I would never jump to assumptions. If I were you I would test the foods you eat through out the week just to give it a shot. I had stomach probl ( Full Answer )