Can you have a tubal reversal after a Parkland bilateral tubal ligation with 2-3 cm of tube present on the left and right side?

Hi I had a parkland bilateral tubal done in April 2006.After a long hard battle with heavy bleeding,pain that is unbearable and fatigue,I started seeing a doctor to help me with this problem as I believe it is because of my tubal,one doctor who will remain nameless told me to have a hysterectomy was not even sure as to why I was having these problems.I started seeing another doctor who immediantly ordered a diagnostic lap to be done,proving that I had endometrosis and adhesions furthermore after careful review found that the doctor who done my tubal had taken more than they should have when they tied my tubes,yesterday I found this out and I am completely depressed even more cause now I am told that my reversal is impossible to perform.....If the doctor who done yours left enough tubes to reverse then yes you can have it reversed,however you first need to get your operative report from the doctor who performed it and have a doctor discuss your options with you,In most cases when the tubes are reversed 2/3rds of women become pregnant there is a rare case where tubal pregnancies occur so I urge you to speak to a doctor and go with your gut if something don't feel right.I wish you the very best and heres hoping you don't get the same news as I did