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No, this mechanic only exists in Mario Kart double dash.

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How do you ride on the back of a kart in Mario kart wii?

You can't. You are getting confused with Mario Kart: Double Dash, for the Nintendo Gamecube, in which you can play with two characters.

How do you get rosaline on Mario Kart wii?

you compelte two 50cc coruses in a or b

How do you play Mario Kart with two wiis?

you cant, you only need one wii console.

How do you unlock mii suit c in Mario kart wii?

Only two Mii outfits are unlockable.

How do you get toadlette on Mario Kart wii?

Play Time Trial Mode on all thirty-two courses

Are their games that could have two many glitches?

yes,yes there are games like that such as mkw (mario kart wii)

Are there shortcuts in mariokart wii?

Yes there are shortcuts in Mario kart Wii. There are two,(or three, however you look at it.) They are in Maple Treeway. They are all close to the start and finish line.

What does the Wii come with?

Nintendo Wii(1) Remote and neckal"get a second one also for two people can play at the same time.(1) Wii Sports Game"Get like Mario kart wii,super smash bros bawl"(1) packet of information about how to set it up

How do you get rosealina on Mario Kart wii?

you can unlock her by two ways: 1) get a 1 star ranking in all mirror cup races, or, 2) have a super mario galexey savefile on your wii and she will be unlocked after 50 grand prix races

How do you know how many Expert Staff Ghosts you have in Mario Kart Wii?

You will have two ghosts for that course- your best time, and the new ghost time.

Can you plays two player wireless internet on the same Wii?

It depends like if your playing Mario kart wii you can only play online 2 player.But it varies by what type of game

Can you play 2 players with Mario Kart 7?

Yes you can have two players on mario kart 7

Do you like Mario from Mario Kart?

Yes, do you? me two i like it

Is there a baby waluigi in Mario kart?

There are no way of getting a baby waluigi on Mario Kart there are only two baby's on Mario kart: Baby Mario and baby Peach unless there is a cheat to it that I am unaware of

How can you unlock rosalina on Mario Kart wii?

You can unlock her in two different ways i only remember one so hopefully someone else will type the other one. The way i know how to unlock her is to have played Mario Galaxy 1 on your Wii

How do you get roseilina on Mario kart wii?

There is two ways: 1.(easier) Get to Rosalina's Observatory in Super Mario Galaxy 2.Get at least 1 star rank in all mirror cups

How do you unlock rosalina on maio kart Wii?

Without all the achievements, if you have Super Mario Galaxy, play it once, she should be imported to your Mario Kart Wii profile. With achievements, attain at least 1 Star Rank for all Mirror Grand Prix Cup. Either of those two things should unlock her.

How do you do the bowsers castle ceiling shortcut in Mario kart wii?

Line up with two dots and wheelie. Use the mushroom (or do it shroomless) while in air.

How long is an online ban if you hack Mario Kart Wii?

Forever, AFAIK. It's been about two years since I've been banned.

Is Tiny Kong then Dixie?

No, Dixie Kong and Tiny Kong are two different characters. I found it out when I played Diddy Kong Racing on Nintendo DS. I know a few people on this planet might think Tiny is then Dixie but they are really not, they are two different characters, but unfortunately, you can't get Dixie or Tiny in Mario Kart, but you can get Donkey and Diddy in Mario Kart. Plus on Mario Kart on the Wii, you could even play with your own Mii, but you can't get it at the beginning of the entire game. By Andrew Bates.

How do you make yourself a guest on Mario kart wii?

Well, if you are talking about WFC then you need to go to WFC in two-player mode and the 2nd player will be the guest.

What is the best two player racing video game for Wii?

By far the best two to four player racing game on the Wii is Mario Kart. It's fun and fast and offers a wide variety of cars, tracks and characters to play.

How do you get a Super Mario Galaxy save file on Mario Kart Wii?

Have a Super Mario Galaxy save on your Wii and race 50 times OR get 1 star in the 8 Mirror Mode Cups****************************Irock Too's Edit: Technally, you can't get a SMG savefile on Mario Kart. To get one, you must buy super Mario galaxy and play it for as long as you want. Then, race 50 time trials.Ryanization Edit: Like Irocktoo said you can't get an SMG savefile on Mario Kart Wii, But You can get a Character unlocked for the game. To get Roselina like ID1207363646 said with a SMG savefile race 50 races or get a 1 star rank or more in all Mirror Mode cups.Wiret Edit: Like the last two said,you cant get a super Mario galaxy save on your wii, but there is a third way to unlock Rosalina. When Nintendo decide to put the galaxy colesseum back online on Mario Kart Wii, if you get the fastest time out of everyone, you unlock Roselina. Or you could get action replay for wii and hack to get the character/colesseum.

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