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if you mean where it comes out, then yes


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You have a yeast infection. Go and see your doctor

Proabably a yeast infection, or maybe an STD

She either has a yeast infection or she has problems with her bladder.

I've never had pain associated with a yeast infection. You might have a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI or bladder infection) in which case it hurts when you pee. You need to get prescription medication for that.

I have had not herd of pee burning at early pregnancy you might have a yeast infection.

discharge: you have or are going to start puberty, or you have a yeast infection pee: you need to drink more water

IFECTION..... maybe yeast infection...go and have a check up :)

your a male and you have a yeast infection, like a woman, but don't worry ur not alone...

You may have a yeast or bacterial infection. Talk to your dr as soon as possible.

There is a difference between a bacterial infection and a yeast infection.A yeast infection is caused by Candida which is a yeast organism,not a bacteria.

Can. Yeast. Infection. Be. A. Sign. Of. Chlamydia

You can get BV after a yeast infection.

No you can not get chancres from a yeast infection.

Syphilis is not a yeast infection.

You may get discharge(if you are 16 and younger it might just be puberty) also it may burn when you pee and itchy private. or burning when you DONT pee. Answergirl95 =)

Hello, It sounds like a urine infection,get some cystitus medication from the chemist, if not ask your dr for advice. jen

do you smell bad? then you might have a yeast infection. are you having nasty discharge? then you might have a yeast infection. are you having vaginal pain? then you might a yeast infection.

There are different types of fungal infections.A yeast infection is a specific type of fungal infection (candida yeast).

No a yeast infection is a bacterial infection.

Yeast infection, bladder infection, things like that. They're easily curable, but you must check with your doctor.

Yes; you can transmit a yeast infection via sexual contact.

Fungal.A yeast infection is caused by the growth of candida (yeast) into a full blown fungal growth.

Mouth yeast infection is called Thrush.

Can I still get a yeast infection after a hysterectomy?

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