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It is definitely possible. I have gold eyes myself. They look brown when it's darker, but in natural light they are gold. And if you don't have naturally gold eyes, you can get gold eye contacts for a small price if you look in the right places!

MidnightFox7 = Gold eyes are amber eyes. It's not called gold, but instead amber. Anyways I have them too. On one photograph of myself my eyes look really cool.

But amber eyes are really rare, and I only know 2 other persons in my whole life who have amber eyes, my dad and his dad!

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Gold eyes are not a common eye color in humans. However, individuals with a condition called ocular albinism may have lighter eye colors that appear golden in certain lighting conditions. Gold eye color is more commonly seen in animals such as big cats or certain Dog Breeds.

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Q: Can you have gold eyes
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Are gold eyes brown or hazel?

1. Gold eyes are different, they are their own colour like blue is different to grey. 2. Gold eyes = amber eyes. 3. Hazel eyes consist of lots of flecks and colours. 4. Brown eyes are solid. 5. Gold eyes are only gold and orange mixed together to make the colour. Or they have the "olive" amber in them as well. 6. Amber (gold) eyes are extremely rare where as brown and hazel are very common.

Do pet gold fishes have eyes?

of course they have eyes

What meaning of Zurnain?

Eyes Beauty (Gold of Eyes)

What are the colors of the dragons in Avatar the Last Airbender?

Aang has turquoise blue eyes. Katara has blue eyes. Sokka has blue eyes. Toph has light green eyes and is blind. Zuko has gold eyes, 1 eye brow, and a scar over his left eye. Uncle Iroh has gold eyes. Azula has gold eyes. Ozai has gold eyes. Zhao has gold eyes. Hakoda has blue eyes. Suki has blue-green eyes. Momo has green eyes. Appa has brown eyes. King Bumi has green eyes. Flopsie has green eyes. Jet has brown eyes. Roku has gold eyes. Ty Lee has brown eyes. Mai has gold eyes. These are the eye colors to almost all of the stars to avatar.

Do vampires have brown eyes?

No, vampires do not have brown eyes. They're eyes are either red or gold.

How can you get gold eyes?

Wear cuddles

When Edward Cullens eyes turn gold what does it mean?

as Bella says when his eyes are gold it means he eaten and is undercontrol ;less crabby.

What dogs have gold eyes?

although it is rare, most breeds can have gold or amber eyes, but commonly have brown, as I'm sure you know.

Do cheetahs have blue eyes?

No, yellow/gold.

Who did Aston Merrygold appear as on Stars In Your Eyes?

aston merry gold eyes are blue

Isn't Edward Cullen's eyes Gold or are they Yellow?

They are gold when he's had 'food' and black when he's thirsty. The darker his eyes, the thirstier he is. ---- Bella describes his eyes, when he is well fed, butterscotch coloured. When he is thirsty, his eyes look coal black.

What color are a crocodiles eyes?

They are Yellow, Dark Gold