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sometimes, protect yourself, condom Birth Control

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Q: Can you have sexual intercourse without getting the girl pregnant?
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Will you get pregnant every time you have sexual intercourse?

No. Can you get pregnant ever time you have sexual intercourse? Yes. Is there something you can do to decrease the risk of getting pregnant everytime you have sexual intercourse? Yes.

What sexual positions can a women get pregnant in?

ANY AND ALL. The position of sexual intercourse has nothing to do with a woman getting pregnant or not.

What is immaculate pregnancy?

virgin birth..becoming pregnant without having sexual intercourse

How do you get a girlfriend pregnant?

sexual intercourse

Are you considered as a pregnant if the menstruation delay 1 month and 2 weeks?

You may be pregnant If you have had sexual intercourse without protection. If you have had sexual intercourse, buy a pregnancy test. If you are still a virgin, your menstruation has just delayed.

How can female hamster get pregnant without a mate?

hamsters require sexual intercourse to become pregnant, this requires a male/mate.

How can one become pregnant?

Sexual intercourse.

Can a 13 year old female get pregnant?

yes. A girl that is able to have a menstrual cycle, is capable of getting pregnant through sexual intercourse.

What Are The Laws For A 17 year old getting pregnant In Marinette Wisconsin?

There are no laws about getting pregnant. It might be illegal for her to have sexual intercourse, depending on the age of the male, but that has nothing to do with the pregnancy.

How does ladies get pregnant?

By having sexual intercourse with a man.

Best way no to get pregnant?

Don't have sexual intercourse.

How can a lady get pregnant?

By having unprotected sexual intercourse.

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