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Yes. You may name co-executors in your will. However, if you do so you should make certain that the two get along well and that your instructions in the will are very clear. You might consider naming an arbitrator, your attorney perhaps, if the two have a disagreement they cannot resolve.

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Can there be two executors if there is not a will?

If the court agrees, two executors can be appointed.

What happens when the two executors of a will denounce their roles as executors?

They must notify the court and the court will appoint an executor.

If 2 executors can 1 carry out tasks without permission from the other?

Generally, if two executors are named in the will and then appointed by the court as co-executors they must act together unless the will provides that either can act alone.

If there are two executors can one act on his own?

if there are two executors and they agree to sell the house that was left, but when they have someone to buy the house, one agrees to sell and the other one doesn't. What happens then?

If two people are listed as executors can they both take a fee?

If they are both properly assigned as co-executors, they are entitled to share the fee, set by law.

Do the executors of a will have to jointly give permission for the other executors to see the will?

All executors have the right to see the will, they cannot execute it if they do not have access to it.

What are the problems with having two executors instead on one?

Problems may arise if the co-executors are not of the same mind. It's unwise to choose two people who are not likely to agree and not likely to want to work well together. When the co-executors end up bickering over everything it will hold up the probating of the estate. It may also be inconvenient for two executors to sign all the documents that need to be sent out and filed. That may hold things up.

When a proprty is sold do both executors get the money?

Executors do not get the money, it goes to the estate. The executors distribute the estate per the will or laws of intestacy.

How do you take your and your husbands name off a will as executors?

My husband and I are executors of a will and want to cancel this.

What happens if both co-executors die?

what happens if the two named have died

When a will is created and two executors named can the will be changed without one of the executors signatures?

A will can be changed by the testator at any time. They do not need the signature of anyone named in the will to do so. They just have to meet the requirements for their jurisdiction.

Is it the duty of the executors to inform all beneficiaries of what is happening with an estate?

It is the duty of executors to inform all beneficiaries of what is happening with an estate. The executors have to keep the beneficiaries updated every step of the way.

How are disputes handled between two co-executors of an estate?

The co-executors should discuss the issue with the attorney who is handling the estate. If the dispute cannot be resolved the matter should be brought before the court for a ruling.

Can a will be changed without informing the original executors?

The testator can change the will any time they wish. And the executors don't need to be informed.

Do you have to list 2 executors on a will?

You do not have to name any executors in a will. The court will appoint someone if there is none or the ones named decline the responsibility.

Can you have three executors?

Yes, you can have three executors. But having more than one tends to create friction and problems if they do not agree.

What happens in the UK when two executors do not agree?

When co-executors cannot agree then they each need to have their own attorney (or solicitor) and then allow the attorneys to complete the proceedings. Generally, an attorney will not allow the client to impede the process unnecessarily. Generally, the attorneys will be paid by the estate so it benefits the estate for the co-executors to act reasonably and responsibly to preserve the assets that will eventually pass to the beneficiaries.

Can you have both your children as executors?

Yes you certainly can and they can also be your trustees too!! Some people also have more than 2 executors!!

What executors are allowed to probate a will in the state of Texas?

The executors that are appointed by the court. The court will issue a letter of authority to the appropriate executor(s).

What has the author Shackleton Hallett written?

Shackleton Hallett has written: 'Executors and trustees' -- subject(s): Trusts and trustees, Executors and administrators

What happens when co-executors disagree?

You have problems. In general, when there are more than one executor, a majority of the executors rules on any one decision or action. That is easy. The difficult situation is where there are only 2 executors and if they disagree there is no majority. When there are two executors, all decisions and actions must be unanimous. If they disagree on something they either have to go to court and have the court make the decision or, if there is no hope of them ever agreeing on anything, then they should go to court to have one removed or have both removed and an impartial person appointed to serve as the sole executor.

Do executives of a will get a percent?

If you mean executors, the answer is not necessarily.

What percentage of executors or administrators charge the estate?

There are no clear numbers on the percentage of executors that charge the estate for their services. Estimates put this number at anywhere from 40 to 75 percent.

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