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Yes, of course. All snakes are hibernators. If your getting some good zzzzz's, do you like the lights on? Think NOT.

This question is vague--ball pythons should have 12 hours of light, and 12 hours of dark each day. They are nocturnal, so they sleep when the lights are ON. If the lights are off all the time, their rest will be disturbed. Ball pythons do not hibernate. Yes! Snakes hibernate even captive bred or kept snakes. Usually aroud nov 1- feb 1 will be their time, to slow down or hibernate. At that time they should be on a 10 hour light cycle. The most light time a snake should be getting is 14 hours, usually during the months of may 1-august 1 which is mid summer time. I have found that people vary their snakes cycles based on what they do with their snakes. I have 44 years of experience and the drive that all animals wether captive bred or wild caught should be kept on as natural a schedule as possible for their health and survival. I have found that it does not matter wether the lights are on or off the snakes will move or sleep when they choose to, eat when they want to, enjoy a good basking in the natural sunlight ( as long as your neighbors don't know). Usually a 75 watt basking bulb will give the heat they require if you don't take them out of their cage (heat only one side of the tank).

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Q: Can you have your ball python in a dark spot or not?
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