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Engines are held into the vehicle with "motor mounts"... although they should probably be called "engine mounts". Motor mounts can go bad and the engine can move excessively. If a motor mount has failed, take it to just about any reputable mechanic and it can be replaced.

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Q: Can you have your car engine tighten down?
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What car alarm also shut the engine down?

Viper Car Alarms will also shut the engine down.

Why does a car shut off when you tighten down the gas cap?

Faulty gas cap or vent valve, causing a vacuum to form which is not letting the fuel to flow properly starving the engine.

What does engine help in a car?

The engine supplies the rotational force that ultimately makes the car go down the road.

Does it affect the engine if you stall the car?

it run down

How do you tighten the tension on the alternator belt on a 99 montero sport 3.0 liter 4 wd?

Go under the engine and follow the belt down to the under side of the engine. You will see a metric size 14 bolt just to the left that runs up to the tensioner. Turn clockwise to tighten but don't over tighten.

Do you leave the car running when you tighten the rocker arms on a Chevy 350?

It's not necessary to run the engine. With #1 at TDC, you can set 1, 2, 5, and 7 intakes, and 1, 3, 4, and 8 exhausts. Rotate engine one revolution (#6 TDC) and set the rest. If it's a hydraulic cam, tighten the rocker nut until there is 0 up and down movement in the pushrod, then tighten an additional 1/2 turn. For solid cams, tighten rocker nut until specified backlash is achieved.

Car stalls when accelerating?

when kick down the gas pedal to accelerate, the car downshift but then stalls and then engine stays rough until i turn off the engine and restart it then the engine runs normal again till the next kick down.

What is used to cut down friction in a car engine?

How- cooling oil why- overheating is bad for the engine parts

What is an example of force acting on a moving car?

Somebody pushing the car; friction slowing down the car; gravity acting on the car (this is especially relevant if the car is going up or down a slope); the engine pushing the car forwards.

How do you adjust the valves on a 1984 Chevrolet 350 engine in c-20 truck?

on a 350 engine to adjust valves tighten them down with engine running then back them off until it smooths out probably about a quarter of a turn

What does your car has broken down mean?

It means your engine no longer runs, and that you can no longer drive your car because it will not move. It has stopped running. It has broken down.

How do you tighten the positive battery cable to the solenoid or starter?

Depending on the vehicle, you would use a wrench SAE or Metric, to turn the nut down with to tighten. You may want to go to a car parts store, and get a repair manual for your car. They cost about $16.00 Or, go to a Public Library.

What causes a car to shut down while driving?

when the engine dies

What helps a car engine cool down?

The best way to cool down an overheated car engine is to park the vehicle. Allowing the engine to cool down naturally avoids all potential hazards and it is also safer for the engine. If you must start the cooling process immediately, pour cool water over the radiator and upper and lower hoses.

What will the car do if the alternator is bad?

The battery will just run down and the engine will stop.

What makes the engine shut down and car sputtering after warming up?


Can petrol engine start with diesel?

no it would make the car break down

What is the constant squeaking noise coming from the front part of the car?

the belt on the engine is loose, so you want to see if you can tighten it or get a new belt . i hope this helps

Diesel engine losing power?

Tighten it up!

When does the check engine light go on for a 2003 Pontiac Vibe?

Be sure to check your gas cap !! The only time my Vibe has ever had the check engine light come on, is when we didnt tighten the gas cap after filling up! The car had 300 miles on it the first time!! Ug! Tighten it, and drive about 20 miles, it may reset it self if not, then when the car is turned off and then back on it should.

Do you need a Alan wrench to tighten belts on a car?

Depends on which car and which belts.

Why does an engine keep running when ignition key is turned off?

Its not your engine. Its the fan running to cool the engine down. They all do it and nothing is wrong with your car.

How do work cars engine?

Put the key in the ignition,turn the key to "Turnover" position for about 5-10 seconds depending on what year your car is,if your car is on start but the engine is not starting,see if the + or - cable is loose,tighten it a little,then put the key in the "Start" position then your ready to go

Why does temperature gauge go down if heat is on?

If this is about a car: the heater in a car is basically another radiator, but this one sitting inside the car. When you turn the heater on you draw heat from the engine and into the car. If you aren't running the car hard enough the temperature in the engine will drop.

What does high milaege do to a car?

High mimlage wears the engine down and it gives ur car a greater chance to breakdown