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No, not with a formula. What you can do is use the Filter facility to hide records, which are always in rows. Using an Advanced Filter, you can extract data from an overall set.

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2014-10-23 21:53:25
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Q: Can you hide rows in Excel using a formula or a condition statement?
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How do you change an Excel cell color using an IF statement?

You would not use an If statement to do it in a normal formula that is directly in a cell. You would do it through Conditional Formatting. Go to Conditional Formatting and you can enter an if formula instead of a cell value for determining the condition, and then set the formatting you want.

When using Excel formula always begins with what?

When using excel, always start your formulas with an "=" (equal) sign.

Can the condition of a cell only be true using excel 2007?

No. The condition of a cell can be either true or false.

What is user generated formula in Excel?

It is a formula that the user creates themselves, instead of using the built-in functions.

When using conditional formatting if the condition is true does Excel applies the formatting?


What is the formula for calculating constant growth model using excel?


Formula could be edited in excel using?

You can click on it in the Formula Bar near the top of screen, or you can press the F2 key.

When you copy a formula using the copy and paste buttons on the standard toolbar Excel uses what to temporarily store the formula?

The Clipboard.

A predefined formula a formula that excel has already built for you. that performs calculations by using specific values in particular order?

It is a function

What condition requires that only one of the selected criteria be true for a record to be displayed in Excel?

It is when you are using an OR condition, which in Excel can be implemented through an OR function, or in an Advanced Filter by listing the criteria on different rows.

What best describes the result of using the fill handle on a cell containing a formula in Excel?

It is used to copy the formula down or across.

Can you create formulas in Excel using the mouse?

Not entirely, but you can use a mouse to select ranges you include in a formula.

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