Can you hook up a wireless internet connection and does this laptop have a dvd player?


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This Netbook has no DVD Drive. You will be able to hook up a wireless internet connection.

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If you want to play on Xbox Live with other players, then you need an Xbox Live subscription and an internet connection. However, you can play single player without an internet connection.

you will need an internet connection to activate the disc and install some software but after that you can play without it

Wireless Mp3 is a Mp3 player which also has wireless connectivity available. This means that there can be other functions which require internet access like web surfing or the downloading of video if the Mp3 player has video capabilities.

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This is very dependent on how exactly you are connecting to the internet if you have a high speed connection (DSL, Cable, Etc). If you are then try the following based on what is true: Using a wireless connection: 1) make sure you have a good signal and connection speed to your wireless router. If you do then chances are you will need to adjust the TX and RX rates on your wireless card to match the router. (see router documentation) 2) If you are hardwired then go to and under tools use the speedtest and tweaktest *If the above does not help let me know. Hope this helps!

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Answeryes. There are many games including much older titles that were released without a multiplayer option so there is no need of an Internet connection to play.There are titles in which having an Internet connection allows the player to play on-line with others but is not required because it also can be played as a single player campaign or single player mode.Finally there are some titles such as World of Warcraft that require the the player to have an Internet connection in order to participate in the game play.Details of what is required to use the game should be printed on the game box.

Yes you can. If you have a DSL or Cable broadband internet you just need to hook the modem's ethernet cable to the computer and your set to go. (of course after you configure everything) If you don't have a ethernet port and just a wireless laptop then you will need either a wireless modem or a wireless Router. The Modem just hooks to the router then the router connects to all your networkable devices. I would vote for the wireless router as once you get a smartphone, iPad, WiFi Blueray player, WiFi HDTV, X-Box, etc, you will already be set up to hook them all up. Most wireless Routers usually have 4 ethernet ports as part of it also.

Yes, you can have up to four players on one Xbox, even with no internet connection.

You can play online 2 player but you cannot do this without internet connection.

The wireless should be built into the player

Yes. The only way to get wireless internet is by having a router.

It is someone who has internet connection on their console and download superstars that are exclusive to people who can download them.

Well first you need a wireless connection to get onto the shopping channel, once you've done that there should be a channel you can download called the 'Internet Channel' which is a web browser for your Wii (but beware, it will not support adobe flash player games) after that you should be ready to use. If it doesn't work you might need to call Nintendo or find a troubleshooting guide.

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